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Ford Mustang Beats Camaro, Challenger in November 2017 Sales

The Ford Mustang beat the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger in November 2017 sales, marking the first time that the Motor Company has led the segment since July – while also all-but-securing the 2017 annual title.

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Over the course of the past three months, the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger have battled back and forth for the muscle car segment sales title. The Challenger led the segment in August while the Camaro was the top dog in September and October. In each of those three months, the Mustang was the second-best, but Ford has ended that series of second place finishes to lead the segment for November 2017.

November 2017 Muscle Car Sales
In November 2017, Ford Motor Company sold 6,720 examples of the Mustang. That is the best sales month for the Mustang since May, and with both the Camaro and Challenger posting lower numbers than they did in October, Ford took the monthly title.
The Chevrolet Camaro was second in sales for November 2017, moving 4,737 units. That is down more than 900 units from October and around 150 units from the same month last year, so overall, it wasn’t a great month for the Camaro.

The Dodge Challenger was third in November with 3,860 examples of the brawny Mopar muscle car hitting the streets. That is the second-lowest month of 2017 for the Challenger, but year over year, November 2017 was only down about 50 units from the same month last year. Challenger numbers these past two months have been low as many buyers are waiting for their 2018 Challenger Hellcat Widebody or the Challenger Demon to arrive. With the first examples of those cars being delivered this past month and many more yet to be delivered, we could see a spike in Challenger sales as we get into 2018.

The Annual Sales Race
With just one month left on the 2017 calendar, the Ford Mustang has more or less clinched the annual muscle car sales title. Right now, the Mustang sits at 74,152 while the Camaro is more than 10,000 units back with 64,138 units sold. There is no way that the Camaro could close a 10,000-unit gap in one month, so the Mustang is a lock to win the 2017 muscle car sales title. In fact, with the 2018 Mustangs hitting dealerships now, we are likely to see a spike in Ford pony car sales in the coming months. Also, with the Dodge Challenger sitting at 60,029 units, it isn’t likely that the Camaro will move out of the second spot.

The 2017 title will mark the fourth straight year where the Ford Mustang has led the segment and the fourth straight year where the Chevrolet Camaro finished second with the Dodge Challenger in third. There was a point earlier this year where the Challenger was selling well and the Camaro wasn’t, and at that point, it looked like the Dodge might move into the second spot on the year. However, the late surge by the Camaro coupled with the late slide by the Challenger has basically secured the Challenger’s spot in third.

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