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Ford Mustang 50th birthday logo, mucho apparel coming

April 17th 2014 will mark the 50th birthday of the fabled Ford Mustang and as we are a little over a year from that date – on which we will most likely be introduced to the next generation Mustang – Ford has introduced the “50 Years” Mustang logo that will be found on all sorts of apparel, helping the company celebrate the momentous occasion for the longest running car in American history.


The new 50 Years Mustang logo has been designed by Ford Motor Company for use on a great many different types of apparel, with Ford promising that 50 companies will offer items with these logos ranging from watches to clothing to model cars and everything in between. There is even mention of a video game that this writer hopes is something like a new Xbox 360 game rather than some lame smart phone or tablet app.

“During its first 49 years of production, Mustang has come to evoke a variety of emotions in our customers – freedom, independence and being true to one’s self – just to name a few,” said John Nens, Ford’s team lead for Global Brand Licensing. “We’re marking this Mustang milestone with a distinctive collection of licensed products from select manufacturers that will carry the unique Mustang 50 Years logo.”

The only item specifically named thus far will be a limited edition leather jacket produced by Schott NYC. Schott began doing business in the same year that Henry Ford began producing the Model T, later helping the American effort in World War II to produce bomber jackets, flight jackets and peacoats for American soldiers stationed abroad. Among the list of American soldiers who wore Schott jackets during WWII were the Tuskegee Airmen – a group who was known for piloting the P-51 fighter plane after which the original Ford Mustang was named.

“We’re working closely with our licensees to ensure every item reflects the unique qualities of Mustang,” said Nens. “Like the car itself, we want our licensed products to convey an attitude of strength, passion and the highest quality.”

The introduction of the 50 Years of Mustang logo is the first stage in what will likely become a yearlong celebration of the mighty Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday on April 17th 2014. The original Ford Mustang was introduced on April 17th at the 1964 New York World’s Fair and while there has been no official date set by Ford Motor Company, it is widely expected that the next generation (internally referred to as the S550 platform) will make its world debut on April 17th next year. Just in case the debut of the next Ford Mustang being introduced in conjunction with such a significant milestone anniversary doesn’t generate enough buzz, this new array of 50 Years of Mustang branded apparel will help remind everyone with some regularity that the Mustang is turning 50 years old.

There is no question that this specially branded Ford Mustang 50th anniversary logo will be a huge hit with enthusiasts but considering the fact that the Mustang is the longest continuously running American car in the history of the industry – we can expect that this 50 Years logo will be popular with a far greater group than just Mustang enthusiasts.

With the 2013 New York International Auto Show set to open tomorrow, we can expect to hear more about the upcoming 50th birthday of the mighty Mustang soon.