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The Ford F150 Police Responder is the 1st Pursuit Rated Pickup

Ford Motor Company has expanded their police-ready offerings with the new Ford F150 Police Responder, which is the first pursuit-rated pickup from the Blue Oval – joining the Taurus Interceptor, the Explorer Interceptor and the Fusion Hybrid Police Responder in Ford’s fleet of high speed service vehicles.


Ford Motor Company has long been the leader in the American police fleet segment, but today, the first pursuit-rated Ford F150 pickup was announced. Mind you, this is not the first Ford F150 police vehicle, as the company has long offered a special service package for their half ton trucks, but the 2018 F150 Police Responder is the first Ford pickup which is built for high speed pursuit – while also being the first Ford pursuit vehicle which will be able to chase lawbreakers across rough terrain.

“Ford’s 2018 F-150 Police Responder is the perfect all-terrain law enforcement vehicle,” said Stephen Tyler, Ford’s police brand marketing manager. “Aside from its industry-first on-road pursuit capability, this purpose-built pickup can comfortably seat five, while providing capability in off-road patrol situations for officers in rural environments patrolled by sheriff’s departments, border patrol operations and the Department of Natural Resources.”

The Ford F150 Police Responder
The new Ford F150 Police Responder differs from the already available Ford F150 SSV in that the SSV is not rated for high speed pursuit while the new Police Responder is built for a long, high speed chase. This package begins with a 3.5L EcoBoost V5 packing 375 horsepower and 470lb-ft of torque, which is sent through the new 10-speed automatic transmission and an advanced all-wheel drive system to a set of heavy duty, package-specific 18-inch aluminum wheels. This drivetrain affords the F150 Police Responder a top speed of 100 miles per hour, which doesn’t seem like much for a police pursuit vehicle – but this truck wasn’t built for high speed highway runs.

In addition to the standard SuperCab configuration, the new Ford F150 Police Responder comes standard with the FX4 package, which adds off-road tuned shocks, an electronic locking rear differential and underbody skid plates. Also, the Police Responder package features unique brake calipers and brake pads, a larger front stabilizer bar, a 240-amp alternator and the aforementioned 18-inch aluminum wheels wrapped in all terrain tires.

Ford F150 Police Responder Modifications Result

The result of the new Ford F150 Police Responder modifications is a truck that will accelerate as quickly as almost any pickup sold in America while reaching speeds of 100 miles per hour, all while braking confidently without any concern of brake fade during a long chase. Also, the beefed up charging system helps keep all of the added electrical gadgets running smoothly during the chase and thanks to the FX4 package, if the chase goes off road – this new F150 is the only police vehicle on sale today which will be able to continue the chase with confidence in the roughest conditions.

With the arrival of the 2018 Ford F150 Police Responder, Ford now offers 7 different police vehicles. The list of pursuit rated vehicles includes the original Taurus SHO-based Interceptor sedan and the Explorer-based Interceptor utility, along with the new Fusion Police Responder – the first ever pursuit rated hybrid police vehicle. The non-pursuit rated vehicles include the Special Service F150, the Special Service Expedition, the Special Service Police sedan (based on the Taurus) and the Transit Prisoner Transport Vehicle – all of which come together to create the most comprehensive offering of police vehicles from any one automaker in America.