The Ford Edge EcoBoost Limited - an honest 30mpg SUV with no compromises

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The biggest complaint with most sport utility vehicles is that many of them offer poor fuel economy and those models that do offer impressive MPGs often do so by skimping elsewhere but with the Ford Edge Limited fitted with the 2.0L EcoBoost 4-cylinder – SUV drivers can have great fuel economy and gobs of modern amenities in a luxurious setting.

The Exterior
On the outside, the Ford Edge Limited fitted with the EcoBoost engine looks identical to the rest of the current Edge lineup with just the subtle EcoBoost badge on the rear liftgate being the only thing that indicates that this vehicle is fitted with the fuel sipping, turbocharged engine.

Up front, the Ford Edge Limited features a big, bold chrome grille sporting the familiar three-bar design that flows into the sharpened, angular headlights. The Edge logo appears on the inner corner of each headlight housing with projection housings mounted out towards the amber corner marker lens and a thin chrome strip runs across the top of the headlights and grille – separating the prominent brow of the hood. Along the lower portion of the front fascia, the Edge wears a set of LED driving lights that run top-to-bottom with a large opening in the middle to allow for gobs of air to hit the radiator and the intercooler.

The long, flat hood of the Ford Edge Limited EcoBoost leads back to an aerodynamic windscreen that begins the long greenhouse area. The side pillars are finished in black to give the side windows a sporty, seamless look while the wheel openings use a flatted edge to bolster the sporty attitude of the new Edge. The wheel openings are nicely filled by the 18”10-spoke chrome wheels while flat black plastic running along the entire lower portion of the vehicle – from front to rear – contrasts with the body color.

Out back of the Ford Edge Limited EcoBoost, the high rear end and integrated spoiler continues the sporty look with help from the polished dual exhaust tips. There is far less chrome on the back end than out front, with the only chrome being the strip running along the top of the license plate area and the large Ford blue oval is embedded in the middle of this chrome appliqué.

The Ford Edge Limited EcoBoost exterior design does a great job of keeping the “sport” in SUV while also offering styling cues all around that bolster the luxury expectations of the Limited trimline. The Edge has a fairly small footprint with a relatively small silhouette but it is very clear that the Edge is all sport utility vehicle – with this sharp new exterior helping Ford Motor Company build on the success of the first generation Edge.


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