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Dodge Viper GTC Gets the Coolest Configurator Online

The 2015 Dodge Viper GTC offers bespoke design options like no other American production car before it and to let customers experienced just how crazy you can get with the Viper GTC package, Dodge has put together a unique configurator site online that proves to be a great way to kill time on a slow afternoon.


The new GTC trimline for the Dodge Viper was introduced for the 2015 model year, and it allows buyers to pick truly custom colors for their new Mopar supercar. The Chrysler Group figured out that with all of the different hues and paint types, there are some 8,000 possible exterior colors with 24,000 different stripe options. Basically, if you can dream up an exterior color, the company that paints the Dodge Viper can make your dream come true, and that goes for both the body and the stripes. The GTC package also allows the buyer to pick from a bunch of different wheel designs, interior layouts, hood designs and more – with more than 25,000,000 possible combinations.

Once you dream up your ideal 2015 Dodge Viper GTC design inside and out, the car is built and that combination of choices is blocked from being ordered again, making every Viper GTC a 1-of-1 supercar. Dodge initially had some cool graphics to show off the range of colors available on the Viper GTC, but with the launch of the new Viper customization website, prospective buyers can see their dream car before placing the order. Also, this gives the rest of us the chance to design the cars that will remain but a dream for now, with the option of downloading these custom Viper images or sharing them to social networks.

The Viper GTC Customizer
The 2015 Dodge Viper GTC build page starts off with the new Mopar supercar sitting in a virtual garage, complete with artwork on one side and a few extra hoods on the other. On the left side of the screen is a collection of buttons that allow you to pick the different areas to customize, such as the exterior, the interior, the wheels and the package options. Along the bottom of the screen are more buttons which allow you to flip through the different areas which can be customized in the given view and on the upper middle of the screen is a button that lets you flip between 7 different views of the 2015 Viper GTC.

After picking the exterior color, the hood, the stripe package and the stripe colors for the exterior, you are prompted to pick from the various body packages available for the 2015 Viper GTC. In addition to my unique matte green paint with the SRT hood with orange metallic GTS stripes, I added the TA 2.0 package, Rattler matte black wheels and black brake calipers with orange trim – as that is the only option with the TA 2.0 package. If you don’t get the TA package, you can pick from a great many more exterior bits and brake caliper colors, but the 2.0 version of the TA package is too good to pass up.

After you customize the 2015 Viper GTC to your tastes, you can go to the Download & Share button, which allows you to take the supercar out of the garage and put it on a scenic background – which is where I got the picture above of my green and orange Viper TA blasting through a tunnel.

Click here to head to the 2015 Viper customizer, but be prepared to lose at least a half hour of your day building your ideal 645hp Mopar supercar.