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Dodge preparing huge ad plan including Super Bowl commercial in 2011

The Dodge lineup has remained fairly steady (for some, stagnant) for the past few years but in 2011, the automaker will roll out 6 new or heavily refreshed models and to show off those new models, Dodge will put together a massive advertising effort early in 2011 which will include an ad during Super Bowl XLV.

Dodge returned to the Super Bowl in 2010 after a 5-year hiatus with the popular yet short lived “Man’s Last Stand” commercial. This showed a group of downtrodden looking guys who were rattling off a list of tasks handed to them by their overbearing wives in exchange to be able to drive the 2010 Dodge Charger. There has been no indication from Dodge as to what the Super Bowl XLV commercial will be about but with the 2011 Dodge Charger being so improved over the already strong-selling 2010 Charger maybe they will do a spinoff of Man’s Last Stand with more excessive housework in exchange for an even more amazing sports sedan. Then again, Dodge will likely want to show off all of their “new and improved” 2011 models, including the Avenger, Challenger, Charger, Durango, Grand Caravan and Journey so we can likely expect something a little more expansive from their high priced Super Bowl commercial.

In addition to splurging on Super Bowl airtime, Dodge plans to have a heavy ad presence in other Tier 1 media sources in 2011 Q1 and based on the sales/ dealership orders during that first quarter, there will be more local advertising at the Tier 2 level. We can also expect a continued heavy presence from Dodge through social media outlets, leaving no stone unturned in showing off their new and improved models to everyone who will take a look.

Dodge obviously aims to show these 2011 models to the consumer but Dodge brand CEO Ralph Gilles hopes that the plans of this advertising onslaught will encourage dealers to order more of these 2011 cars and trucks. So far, the new 2011 Durango and heavily redesigned 2011 Charger have been well received but the other Dodge models aren’t hitting the levels that the company had hoped. In an email obtained by Automotive News to dealers, CEO Gilles outlined the plans for the early 2011 ad campaign and urged dealers to put more 2011 model year product on their lots to help encourage sales. Finally, Gilles hopes that added incentives and improved residual values will help improved their lease ratio from the fairly poor 5% to 10-15%, which is the industry average.

Dodge has put together a great lineup for 2011 and I expect another in a long history of exciting Dodge commercials like “Can you say Hemi” and the two rednecks tearing around in a vintage Mopar – hopefully while I’m watching the Pittsburgh Steelers win Super Bowl XLV.

Source: Automotive News

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