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Dodge Charger Most Commonly-Searched Classic Car

The team at has announced that the most commonly-searched car in their most recent collection of data was the 1969 Dodge Charger, with the Mopar muscle car beating last year’s winner – the Ford Mustang – by a narrow margin. is one of the internet’s leading outlets for finding classic vehicles of all sorts for sale and each year, the website tracks the most-searched vehicles from June of one year to June of the following year. For the period that ran from June 2017 to June 2018, the 1969 Dodge Charger was the most commonly-searched vehicle on the website. Study
The way that this study works, is by the team looking at the most commonly searched vehicles in that one-year June-to-June period within each state. Once they have established the most commonly searched car in each state, they add up how many states each car won and the car with the most states wins.

For the period of June 2017 to June 2018, the 1969 Dodge Charger was the most commonly searched car in the United States, leading 13 of the 50 states.

“When we conducted this study last year, we were surprised by the diversity of the searches state-by-state; this year we were surprised by the amount of change in just one year,” said Roger Falcione, president and CEO of “Tastes evolve regionally, but the staples of the performance car market have remained constant, and that is why we believe values continue to be so strong for cars like the Charger and Mustang.”

The Full List
The 1969 Dodge Charger was the most commonly searched car in the past year with 13 states, followed by the Ford Mustang in second with 10 states. As an interesting point, the Charger that won was specifically the 1969 model, while the Ford Mustang had a variety of model years from 1965 through 1970 combine to finish second. As you can see, there was a three-way tie for sixth and ten vehicles tied with one state a piece in seventh.

1 – Dodge Charger – 13 (Texas, Minnesota, Kansas, Missouri, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New York, DC, Massachusetts and New Jersey)

2 – Ford Mustang – 10 (California, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Louisiana, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin)

3 – Chevrolet Corvette – 5 (Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Rhode Island)

4 – Chevrolet Camaro – 4 (Colorado, Indiana, South Carolina, New Hampshire)

5 – Pontiac Firebird – 3 (Alabama, Arkansas, Maine)

6t – Chevrolet El Camino – 2 (Illinois, South Dakota)
6t – Chevrolet Impala – 2 (Kentucky, Tennessee)
6t – Ford F-Series – 2 (Idaho, Nevada)

7t – 1922 Ford T-Bucket – 1 (Utah)
7t - 1964 Ford Fairlane – 1 (Oklahoma)
7t – 1969 Ford Bronco – 1 (Mississippi)
7t – 1949 Ford Custom – 1 (Connecticut)
7t – 1967 Oldsmobile 442 – 1 (Vermont)
7t – 1954 Chevrolet Belair – 1 (Delaware)
7t – Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS – 1 (Maryland)
7t – 1967 Chevrolet Nova – 1 (Pennsylvania)
7t – 1964 Pontiac GTO – 1 (Iowa)
7t – 1980 MG MGB – 1 (Nebraska)