Hellcat Challenger burnout in muscle heaven commercial
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Dodge Challenger, Charger Featured in New Fast and Furious Commercial

The newest commercial for the upcoming automotive action flick The Fate of the Furious hit the internet late last week, featuring a heavy dose of high performance Dodge production – including the Hellcat Challenger, the Hellcat Charger, the Challenger TA, the Charger Daytona and the new Durango SRT with some stars from the movie.

It is no secret that the 8th installation in the Fast and Furious movie series – titled The Fate of the Furious – will be chock full of Dodge vehicles. Pretty much every advertising video for the movie (be it commercial or online video) has featured at least one Dodge vehicle, but the newest promotional clip for the fast-paced flick is the most Dodge-heavy commercial I have seen for anything that wasn’t a Dodge or FCA ad.

The Muscle Heaven Ad
This new commercial – titled Muscle Heaven - starts by showing several cast members from The Fate of the Furious approaching a secure warehouse door and when that door opens, we see an incredible spread of high performance Dodge products with some familiar Dodge brand emblems mounted on the wall.

From left to right, this warehouse of high performance Mopar machines includes the Hellcat Charger, the Challenger T/A, the Durango SRT, the Journey (which really doesn’t fit), the Viper, the Durango R/T, the Hellcat Challenger, the Charger Daytona and another Hellcat Challenger. No other American brand offers a performance lineup like this, and we can expect to see plenty of these vehicles in The Fate of the Furious.

After Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Tej (Ludacris) learn that this warehouse is “muscle heaven”, they are offered a test drive in one of these fine, high performance Dodge products. That is answered by a massive burnout by a silver Hellcat Challenger – which leads to a clip from the upcoming movie showing a fleet of Dodge Challengers racing down the street in the hands of the movie’s stars.

Of course, the commercial ends by reminding us that The Fate of the Furious opens across the United States on April 14th and when it does, we can expect that the modern Mopar muscle cars will be very well represented.

In the meantime, crank up your speakers and enjoy the Dodge-themed commercial below!

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