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Chrysler loses lawsuit over Imported from Detroit slogan

In March, we reported that Chrysler was suing a Detroit-based clothing manufacturer for the use of their “Imported from Detroit” slogan introduced during the Super Bowl and reports are now coming out that the judge has ruled against Chrysler in their attempt to make this other company stop selling knock-off products.


Shortly after Chrysler popularized the slogan “Imported from Detroit” with the help of hip hop superstar and Detroit native Eminem, local clothing company Pure Detroit began selling their own versions of the Imported from Detroit shirts without the consent of Chrysler. Well, this upset Chrysler and when several requests by the automaker to the clothing company to stop selling their knock-off slogan shirts were ignored, Chrysler took the company to court. In addition to Pure Detroit profiting from the slogan coined by Chrysler, the clothing company was also (in theory) cutting into Chrysler’s apparel sales for items bearing the new company slogan. Click here for a look at the original article announcing this lawsuit.

Unfortunately, several local sources have reported that U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow ruled against Chrysler’s claims, pointing out that they do not hold any trademark over the Imported from Detroit slogan. Pure Detroit went so far as to point out that Chrysler is actually based in Auburn Hills – not Detroit – and that the Chrysler 200 featured in the Imported from Detroit advertisement is built in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

When Chrysler originally announced the legal action, Pure Detroit removed the Imported from Detroit items from their website but as of this publishing, the shirts that caused the fuss are atop their shirt category in their online store. The Pure Detroit shirts are far plainer but not much less expensive– starting around $24 where the official Chrysler Imported from Detroit shirts with the Joe Louis Fist holding the new company logo (shown on the right) starting around $29. Click here for a closer look at the official Imported from Detroit shirts from the Chrysler Collection.

Pure Detroit may have won the court case but hopefully locals think about the fact that this company is ripping off one of the automakers who formed the American automotive industry before buying their knock-off apparel. It will also be interesting to see what Chrysler does with this marketing campaign as they move forward – since this could open up the floodgate for similar knock-off companies to begin offering their own items.

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(Image courtesy of the Chrysler Collection website)