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Build Your Aluminum 2015 Ford F150 Online Today

If you have eagerly been waiting for your chance to build your ideal 2015 Ford F150 today is your day, as the configurator tool on for the next generation F150 is finally live – with all of the pricing and option information you could want.

Ford Motor Company is rapidly nearing the start of production for the 2015 Ford F150 pickup, with the River Rouge plant workers hurrying to transform the factory from one that is intended to build trucks out of steel to one that will make the 2015 F150 out of aluminum. Production is slated to begin very soon and dealerships actually began taking orders a few months back, but with the build tool going live on – this is the first time that consumers can option out their next new truck from beginning to end.

Building Your 2015 Ford F150
When you begin playing with the configurator tool for the 2015 Ford F150, you are prompted to pick between the five trimlines – XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch and Platinum with pricing ranging from $25,420 for the XL to $50,960 for the Platinum. Once you have picked your desired trimline, you are taken to the page where you pick the cab size, bed size, engine, transmission and either rear wheel drive or four wheel drive.

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Cab and Box Sizes
The 2015 Ford F150 XL and XLT are offered with the Regular Cab, SuperCab or SuperCrew and the 5.5 foot, 6.5 foot or 8 foot cargo box. The Lariat is only offered with the SuperCab or SuperCrew, but you can pick from all three bed sizes. If you want the King Ranch or the Platinum, you can only get the SuperCrew, but you can pick from either the 5.5 foot or 6.5 foot box.

Engine, Transmission and Drive Configuration Options
The 2015 Ford F150 is offered with four different engines – the base model 3.5L V6, the new 2.7L EcoBoost V6, the 5.0L V8 and the 3.5L EcoBoost V6. Regardless of the size of the truck, the trimline or the engine chosen, all 2015 F150 pickups come with either rear wheel drive or all wheel drive and all new F150s come with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The 2015 Ford F150 XL and XLT are available with any of the four engines while the Lariat is available with all but the base 3.5L V6. The F150 King Ranch and the Platinum Package are only available with the 5.0L V8 as standard, but the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 is also offered for these premium trucks.

Preferred Equipment Packages and Options
There are a wide variety of option packages for the 20015 Ford F150 including your normal preferred equipment packages (101A, 301A, 501A, 601A, 701A) as well as some more specific packages like a Sport Appearance Package, a Chrome Appearance Package, a trailer tow package, the King Ranch Monochromatic package, a Technology Package and a variety of infotainment system packages. You will also find all of your basic standalone options like a spray in bedliner, a tonneau cover, box side steps, fog lights (if not standard), the tailgate step and much, much more.

In this section of the 2015 Ford F150 build page you can also pick the interior and exterior colors of your dream F Series pickup, with a varying number of hues across the trimlines. The F150 XL is available in 9 exterior colors with either vinyl or cloth interior in Earth Grey. Stepping up to the F150 XLT gives you a choice of 12 exterior colors and your choice of Light Camel or Earth Grey cloth seats. The Lariat introduces one more color for a total of 13 on the outside while also introducing leather seats in three colors – Light Camel, Earth Grey or Black. The King Ranch is only available with 9 exterior colors and a single Java interior while the Platinum is available in just 7 exterior hues and you can only get that premium interior in black.

Building My Ideal 2015 F150
Were I to build my dream 2015 Ford F150, I would start with a Platinum package with the 6.5 foot box, four wheel drive and the 3.5L EcoBoost V6. I would opt for the Max Trailer Tow Package, the spray in bedliner, the box side steps and the twin panel moonroof. Oh, and I would pick Blue Jeans for my exterior color which, when you add everything up, gives me a 2015 F150 with an MSRP of $59,165.

How much does your ideal 2015 Ford F150 cost? Click here to head to to build your own aluminum F150.