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2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Costs $230 More than a Comparable 2018

The 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has a much lower starting price than the 2018 models due to the removal of several key standard features, but even when you equip the 2019 version with the same basic features as the previous model year, the new, more-powerful Hellcat Challenger does cost a bit less.


Earlier this year, we learned that the base price of the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat would be just $58,650 – almost $6,000 less than the 2018 models. This was made possible by Dodge removing many of the premium standard features, such as heated leather seats and many of the interior gadgets. This allows buyers who don’t want all of the premium features to get into a Hellcat Challenger for thousands less while those buyers who do want their supercharged Mopar muscle cars to be loaded up can add those features as options.

However, even if you add in the option packages for the 2019 model year, the newest Hellcat with 717 horsepower is only slightly more expensive than the 2018 models, even though the new model has 10 extra horsepower and a new hood design.

2018 Hellcat Challenger Pricing
For the 2018 model year, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat carried an MSRP of 64295 and when you added in the unavoidable $1,700 Gas Guzzler Tax and $1,395 destination fee rises to the real-world price of $67,390. That price includes the 6-speed manual transmission and all of the premium features inside and out. Things like the automatic projection headlights, the premium UConnect infotainment system with navigation, heated leather front seats, the Harmon speaker system and pretty much everything else that you can get for 2018 is standard. The only options for 2018 are the automatic transmission, differently colored brake calipers, an engine block heater, various wheel choices, stripe packages, the black hood and red seats rather than black or brown. Really, the only feature that wasn’t standard in 2018 is the sunroof, as the majority of the actual options are just color choices.

In short, the 2018 Hellcat Challenger with the manual transmission had a sticker price of $67,390 all loaded up.

2019 Hellcat Challenger Pricing
For the 2019 model year, the Dodge Challenge SRT Hellcat with the 6-speed manual transmission has an MSRP of $58,650. When you add in the $1,700 Gas Guzzler Tax and the $1,395 destination fee, you come to a real-world price of $61,745. That is 5,645 less than the “out the door price” for 2018, so if you want to buy one of the 717-horsepower muscle cars and you don’t care about features beyond the power plant, you can save yourself around $5,600.

However, what about the 2019 buyer who wants all of the gadgets and nicities of the previous model years? The features that were standard for 2018 are now spread across five popular equipment groups, four of which you need to order to get all of the features from 2018 in your 2019 Hellcat Challenger.

This includes the Driver Convenience Group (Blind-Spot and Rear Cross-Path Detection, High Intensity Discharge Headlamps, Power Multi-Function Mirrors) at $1,095, the Plus Package (Dark Engine-Turn Interior Accents, Hellcat Logo Seat, Power Tilt and Telescope Steering Column) at $1,695, the Technology Group (Automatic High Beam Headlamp Control, Rain-Sensitive Windshield Wipers, Adaptive Speed Control, Forward Collision Warning) at $495 and one of two leather groups. One features Laguna Leather on the seats and steering wheel while the other has Alcantara-wrapped seats and steering wheel, but both cost $1,795. Finally, you have to add in the $795 navigation package.

When you add in those option packages to the price with gas tax and destination, you get a total price of $67,620. That makes the 2019 Hellcat Challenger with 717 horsepower and all of the premium features just $230 more than the 2018 Hellcat Challenger with 707 horsepower and the same basic features.

By the way, the wheels shown in the car above are new for 2019 and they are a $1,095 option.

In the long run, $230 is a small price to pay for 10 extra horsepower and a function cold air induction hood system, as a proper cold air intake kit for the 2015-2018 Hellcat Challenger runs up around $400. Compared to that, $230 for a new hood and 10 certified horsepower is a good deal.