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2018 Ford F150 MSRP Starts $270 Higher than 2017

The 2018 Ford F150 gets a new look, more power and more efficient drivetrains, but these new features come with a relatively low price increase from 2017, with the 2018 models starting just $270 more than the trucks at dealerships today.

There has been no official word from Ford Motor Company, but reports citing the Motor Company order guide claim that the base model 2018 Ford F150 pickup will have a starting price which is $270 higher than the comparable 2017 F150. This information comes from, who offered up the pricing for the base model truck and a few options throughout the model line, but we don’t get full line pricing. However, the slight increase of the 2018 F150 base model suggests that when compared on feature-by-feature basis to the 2017 F150, the refreshed half ton pickup doesn’t cost a whole lot more.

The 2018 Ford F150 XL Pricing
The 2018 F150 features a new look and the promise of greater power combined with better efficiency throughout the drivetrain lineup, but the base model F150 gets the biggest change from 2017. Like the other 2018 F150 pickups, the base model F150 XL gets a refreshed exterior and a spruced up cabin, but more importantly, the new base model XL features a new engine.

The 2018 Ford F150 XL is powered by a new naturally aspired 3.3L V6 and while power numbers haven’t been announced, we can expect that it will offer at least as much power as the outgoing 3.5L V6. That mill produces 282hp and 253lb-ft of torque, so we can expect that the new 3.3L V6 will offer at least 282/253, while also offering better fuel economy.

With destination, the 2018 Ford F150 2WD Regular Cab/Short bed pickup starts at $28,675 while the 2017 Ford F150 2WD Regular Cab/Short Bed pickup starts at $28,405. That means that the 2018 F150 XL with the new engine costs just $270 more in its pure base form.

When you step up to the 2018 F150 SuperCab with rear-drive, the short bed and the short cab, the price rises to $32,760 and with the SuperCrew cab, the newest half-ton F Series pickup starts at $35,215 – both of which are $270 more than the comparable 2017 F150.

In the long run, a price increase of $270 is immaterial and it is hardly anything to complain about, considering that 2018 Ford F150 XL buyers will get similar power, better fuel economy and a new design inside and out.

With the 2018 model year rapidly approaching, it shouldn’t be long before we have the full pricing for the 2018 Ford F150, but based on this base model pricing, it looks as though the new look doesn’t come with a huge price increase.

(Note: The image above shows a 2018 Ford F150 XLT, which is also powered by the new 3.3L V6.)