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2017 Ford Raptor F150 Tires Developed Specifically for This Truck

Ford Motor Company has announced some new information on the 2017 Raptor F150, this time focusing on the BFGoodrich tires which were developed right along with the truck, with engineers from both companies teaming up to make the best possible tires for on and off-road use.

The 2017 Ford Raptor F150 is promised to be the most capable production truck ever, with unprecedented abilities off-road mixed with the civility needed for daily on-road driving. One of the biggest factors in making sure that a truck is capable in any environment is the tire selection, but in picking the tires for the new Raptor, Ford didn’t just flip through a catalog to find a tire that would best fit their needs. Instead, the Ford engineers worked with engineers from BFGoodrich to develop a tire that has been optimized for the high performance F150.

2017 Raptor F150 Tires
The 2017 Ford F150 Raptor will come fitted with a set of BFGoodrich T/A KO2 all terrain tires which were developed in the same process as the new high performance half ton truck. Hundreds of hours were spent using computer simulations to predict the best tire choices and once those options were selected, more than a dozen different variations of the tire were tested – with the final result being a BFG tire that optimizes on-road comfort and off-roading abilities.

The key features of the Raptor’s new BFG tires include a new tread pattern with more contact surface area and wider channels between the tread, along with a new steel/nylon belt system which allows for a smoother ride on paved surfaces. While we cant see the new internal belt design, one look at the tread of the Raptor F150’s tires leaves little question that these are some pretty serious off-road tires. The aggressive tread design extends out onto the edge of the sidewalls for improved grip in loose footing and best of all, Ford claims that these tires will offer better tread life than the previous Raptor tires.

To show off the new BFGoodrich T/A KO2 tires, Ford Motor Company made a short video showing the new Raptor F150 working out with its specially designed shoes – and you can check that video out below!

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Great tire but my 2018 at 29000 miles need replacing hate to think of a new set every 30000 miles. Even with the 50000 mile trade warenty