2015 Ford Mustang
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The 2015 Ford Mustang is Officially on Sale Now - Starting at $24,425

Ford Motor Company announced this morning that they have officially opened the order banks for the 2015 Ford Mustang and while the company still hasn’t announced full pricing or official power numbers – we know that the base 2015 Mustang V6 fastback starts at $24,425.

If you have been eagerly waiting to run to your local Ford dealership to order an all-new 2015 Ford Mustang – today is your day. Ford Motor Company has officially opened the order banks for the next generation Mustang and while they haven’t announced full pricing nor have they announced the full specifications for the S550 Mustang, those who want to make absolute certain that they will get a next generation Mustang as soon as possible can take the first steps towards making that happen.

Typically, when a company opens the order banks for a particular model, the people who are likely to buy the vehicle in question know everything that they need to know but with the 2015 Ford Mustang – there are still plenty of mysteries. Ford Motor Company still hasn’t announced the actual power figures for any of the three available engines that will power the 2015 Mustang and for a performance car, that is generally one of the biggest selling points. Ford maintains the fact that the 3.7L V6 will have more than 300 horsepower and 270lb-ft of torque; the new 2.3L EcoBoost 4-cylinder will have more than 305 horsepower and 300lb-ft of torque and the 5.0L V8 will have more than 420 horsepower and 390lb-ft of torque. For many prospective 2015 Mustang buyers, those “more than” figures are more than enough to make them lust after the next generation Mustang so I would expect that the Motor Company will get more than a few people to preorder the S550 Mustang without offering up any more solid information.

The other curious piece of information that seems odd with the 2015 Ford Mustang officially going on sale today is that the company hasn’t announced the full pricing. We have seen a collection of option prices through leaked dealership materials and with the statement announcing the opening of the order banks, Ford introduced the price for the 2015 Mustang fastback with the 3.7L V6 engine and (presumably) the 6-speed manual transmission of $24,425. The company hasn’t announced the pricing for the 2015 Mustang EcoBoost or Mustang GT, but based on the pricing of the base model V6 fastback, we can make some guesses as to how much the other models will cost.

The 2015 Ford Mustang V6 fastback starts at $24,425 and that is $1,090 more than the base 2014 Mustang V6 coupe. That is a fairly modest upcharge considering all of the standard features of the new base model S550 Mustang such as the new rear independent suspension and the high tech gadgetry inside and out. I would expect that the 2015 Mustang GT will have a slightly larger upcharge than the base V6 so when you consider the $32,035 base price of the 2014 Mustang GT with the 6-speed manual transmission – I would guess that the 2015 Mustang GT will start $33,495 with destination fees. That would be an upcharge of $1,460 for the GT package before any other goodies are added on and considering that you are getting, that really isn’t a bad price at all.

Finally, there is the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost. Since this is a brand new model and a brand new engine option, there is no basis for pricing comparison within the 2014 Mustang lineup. I expect that the Mustang’s EcoBoost option will be more expensive than the base V6, but it will cost less than the Mustang GT. Provided that my estimate of the Mustang GT pricing is fairly accurate, the Mustang EcoBoost will likely cost somewhere in the $32,000 range – similar to the pricing of the current Mustang GT.

So, if you want to get your hands one of the very first 2015 Ford Mustang fastbacks when they arrive later this year and you aren’t worried about the actual power output or the exact price (provided that you want an EcoBoost or GT model), head to your local Ford dealership today to place your order for the new S550 Mustang.

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Man, Ford is bordering on expensive. How is it that a relitively small, limited duty automotive icon comes in just a bit under $30,000( including destination, sales tax and license) in it's minimum trim package? That's the problem with a world - wide automotive manufacturer. Thier always bouncing the U.S. dollar off of other primary world curencies. Piss-off Ford.
There is nothing at all outlandish about that pricing...it still costs less than the current base Camaro. The size doesnt matter to the performance industry and this isnt 1972 - cars dont cost $4,200 anymore. You will be hard pressed to find anyone in the performance world who has any problems with that base pricing.
Cheap crap for 30k? no thanks... I'll wait till some other lifetime to buy a quality vehicle at a good price. I haven't seen a good value in too many years and it keeps getting worse.
I agree noway..
These prices are spot on for a quality car.... an iconic car at that.
I don't like the high costs of owning my choice of automobile any more or less than the average person! But inflation(bureaucracy, creed, and evil minded mankind) has driven prices to their current status for products of any kind. I drive a base interior cloth seat covered 2013 Ford Mustang GT and I paid $34,000 plus for this vehicle. I am not sorry and would do it again! I like power, speed, efficiency, good braking and handling on any car I buy. When buying my 5.0 liter GT I wanted speed and decient gas mileage and a semiconfortable ride! The GT excels in all these areas and even sets some records in the process! I have owned any driven many cars in my life time of most world brands of cars and my Mustang can stand toe to wth any car ever made when it comes to drive train quality and best any one might name of all naturally asperated engines for power and speed per liter! Dollar for dollar the Mustang GT is "King of the Road" in stock trim! The 2015! More power! Lighter! and promised better quality(No is forced to buy one!) The price is right! Santa is bring my 2015!!! I couldn't be more pleased!
Hey Ronnie...Thanks for shedding some light on Ford Mustang ownership. Best of luck with your 2015.
These cars are years from being in hand me down used car conditions. Even from daily use. They are solid. And solid performance cars. My 14 gt is my daily car... decent gas mileage and fun to drive. GM and mopars are not built like the mustangs.
Ford guy Chris?
Mustang fan here.... foxbodys were my choice for years.... my 2014 gt amazes me. Sold my last fox recently. So, yea I'm a ford fan. :-P
Should've just replaced the OHV 5.0 with the DOHC 5.0......Coyote in a 3k lb car is a win.
I would still buy a V6 over this new ecoBoost, blindfolded, under water and with the lights out...​this is the stupid Euro concept of "let's use a small engine to save gas but tweak and stress the hell out of it to get the horses"...hence...after 2 years of driving it like a sports car, it starts falling apart. I speak from a life of experience as an ex-European living there and owning multiple Euro sports cars throughout my life. problems, problems, problems... The 3.7 V6 is the MOST balanced engine available...it handles years...it handles kicks in the nuts and you can tweak the hell out of it to get the extra horses if you want 'em. Even more so than the GT 5.0 engine. Aside from this...I am not liking the move away from true American muscle to a slick Euro-Asian look...they even got rid of the retro looking gauges. Sad...if I buy a mustang...I wand a MUSTANG ! Not some aston-martin / maserati rip-off... My comment to Chevy would be "facelift the Camaro to look and be even more American"...
yours is the best/most educational comment here in my opinion. I have a 2012 GT modded with everything except forced induction and I really enjoy the 5.0 engine. I was debating this "ecoboost" tech but I also thought - isn't that a lot of stress for a little 4 cylinder? I know the V6 can handle more. But - if I was in the market to keep my car stock from the factory - then I would probably get the 4 banger version if it were priced where it belonged (in the bottom). But I'm not that type - there is no Mustang where I live that looks and sounds like mine and that's how I prefer it - I didn't buy the car for gas mileage.
The mustang is sold overseas in 2015... so the ecoboost was needed. The 15 is now a whole new look and platform.
I live in the UK & am looking forward to a reasonable MPG from the ecoBoost with the bonus of r/h drive! I dont want to spend my driving time going from one garage to the next. BTW, I drive a 2lt Audi that does 0-60 in 4.8 seconds and I can guarantee it wont fall apart in 2 years. But by then i'll have a Mustang anyway:)
Keep it American...it's an American car...a 2 liter engine is everything BUT American...
I bought my first 1964.5 289V8 ($2450.00 new) Mustang which had a hijacked Falcon dash and I drove it nearly 200K miles (27years) and sold it in 1991 for a new 1991 5.0L LX hatchback ($12,600), which I still drive today. In my experience Mustangs have been keepers. (27years and 23years and still going strong). I only wish Ford Motor Company would consider offering loyalty discounts for the faithful returning customers, Cuz I am one even at 67. Keep on keeping those Mustangs comming!