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Is your Tesla's Web Application Fairly Slow?

Users Complain of Tesla's Web application as slow and useless. How is yours?

I read about this at TESLA MODEL S Owners Club Facebook group. Since the group is a Closed Group I will only quote people without their names.

People say they generally love their Web App, but "I find my internet connection to be quite slow, pages load slowly, and are often poorly formatted for the screen. Anyone have any favorite websites or good uses for the Web app? Any good home screens?, writes one Tesla Model S driver who started the discussion.

Comments are echoing his view. One person writes: "I agree that it's relatively slow, and if they had a hot spot option that would speed it up. We have used it to look at menus at a restaurant and other occasional items."

Another person replies: "The problem is the technology used in the touchscreen is from 2009 and net access via 3G. It's gonna be hard to change that without upgrading the whole package."

However, one person offered a solution, which goes like this. "Why not tether your phone to it? I agree it's slow, but you can't beat free. When I tether my phone I get "4G". I know other car makers are charging for it."

But it appears that "the network is only a small part of the problem. Moving to 4G/LTE via tether doesn't solve the problem of the browser using an old Web toolkit. The Tegra hardware is more than capable of snappy Web browsing. It just needs to be rewritten using modern browser design," comments another Tesla driver.

"The web app is so slow and the map doesn't even work from the link. I have called Tesla about this often and they sit at a desktop computer and tell me it works. I finally got someone to try it in a car in the showroom and they agreed that it didn't work, and went to a list (useless and slow) instead of the map. they said they would report it. that was over a year ago. STILL no fix. If only some of those people were out driving across the country they would realize that we need a major update. Call Tesla and complain about it.. If enough of us do it maybe they will realize how bad it is.. LOVE the car despite the software," echoes another group member.

If you are a Tesla Model S driver, how is the Webb App working for you? If it has been slow what have you done to improve it?


Canadian Tesla (not verified)    May 18, 2015 - 1:28AM

Yes, it is a bit slow, but if there are full bars on the 3G, it did a speediest of 10 mbs the one time I tested it. That's not too bad for what is needed in the car. Most web surfing you will do on your phone or home computer.
It you tether it to a phone it will download stuff quicker, but won't display much faster because of other hardware (or software) limitations.
I am satisfied with it but of course would be glad if it was faster... who wouldn't.
I love the car, and compared to all the unbelievably great things about it, this is a small issue. For example, ten days after mine was delivered, there was a OTA update... the power went up by 50 hp! I know that will be hard for most people to believe, but it's true. Check it out.