Ford F150 ram air fiberglass hood replacement
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Why Ford Owners Say Ram Air Hood for Ford F-150 is Not Worthy

In one of the Ford F-150 groups where I am a member there is a discussion whether the ram air hood for Ford F-150 is a worthy replacement. Most F150 owners say No! Here is why.

They say the Ford F150 hood replacement isn't worth the money, but it's pretty and looks good. The owners who have tried, some say you won't get much functionality if any. You won't get much Horse Power on your F150. The only thing is that you will drop a little bit of weight.

The cost of the ram air hood replacement is another factor to consider. It is likely that it will cost you minimum 1000 dollars. It's not only the price of the ram air hood, but also the installment. Instead, F150 owners suggest that there are better modifications that one can do on his truck. However, they agree that it does look really cool.

Whether it helps with engine temperatures in hot weathers I don't know because I read mixed reactions from the people who had installed it. Some people said it will not help. Others say with the location of the filter on your F150's procharger a hood like this would help with timing on hot days.

You have to be careful with the quality too. If you intend to buy one do your diligent research. A lot of these hoods are thing and just don't have a good quality. People say Cervini is good and durable, but I have not tried it. So becareful from thing and low quality ram-air hoods.

Have you made any recent replacement of these ram hoods on your F150? If yes, please, feel free to comment your experience with TorqueNews readers.

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