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Why the 2018 Chevy Volt is no ordinary car

The 2018 Chevy Volt is receiving good praise from EV owners. Today I was reading one discussion at the GM Electric Vehicle Owners group on Facebook and read this opinion about the 2018 Chevy Volt from a group member Thomas Kahn, which I am presenting below.


The 2018 Chevy Volt is no ordinary car. It is hybrid on steroids with both a full sized gasoline engine and two electric motors that on battery alone can propel the car close to 100 MPH with exhilarating off-the-line acceleration from pure electric torque.

Charge it while you sleep and the car can drive over 50 miles the next day without using any gasoline. When needed for longer drives the gas engine will automatically start to give you a total range of over 400 miles. Just stop at any gas station to continue your journey and get hybrid gas mileage with electric performance even without charging.

With the gas engine you plug-in only when it’s convenient. But if you take 15 seconds to plug-in when you get home from work, you will use 80 to 95% LESS gas than most hybrids for your average daily driving needs.

Test Drive the performance of electric torque in the 2018 Chevy Volt today and you will never want an ordinary car again.

Editor's Note: If you are a Volt owner please let us know in the comments section below why you chose Chevy Volt vs the other plug-in hybrid vehicles. How do you think Volt is better than the competing plug-in hybrid cars. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Volt?

By the way, few days ago Green Car Reports asked in Twitter "which plug-in hybrid would you buy today if you had to" and here are the results. What about you? Which one would you buy today?

Reference: GM Electric Vehicle Owners Group. Also check out Chevy Volt vs Chevy Bolt article by Torque News.

2018 Chevy Volt Specs and Pricing

  • Range: 53 mi battery-only, 420 mi total
  • Dimensions: 180″ L x 71″ W x 56″ H
  • Battery: 18.4 kWh 300 V lithium-ion
  • Battery charge time: 13h at 110V, 4.5h at 220V
  • 2018 Volt MSRP: From $33,220
  • Chevy Volt LT Price - $33,220
  • Chevy Volt Premier Price - $37,570


DaveK (not verified)    December 23, 2017 - 12:39PM

We loved our 2012 Volt so much we recently added a 2017. Performance, low maintenance, the most “all electric” and total range of any PHEV were just a few of the factors.

Frost (not verified)    December 23, 2017 - 8:52PM

I bought a 2018 Chevy Volt. After considering several options: the Pacifica hybrid, the Volvo plugin suv, the Prius, the Niro, the Niro Plug in... nothing seems to make as much sense as the volt. Great mpg, great electric car, great tech, more reliable, better price... space is the only issue.

Karyl (not verified)    December 24, 2017 - 3:09PM

I bought my 2018 Volt because I loved being able to make most of my commute each day without using gas, but knew I wanted the security of having gas to back it up. I use less than a quarter of a gallon a day. I love the look of my Volt, and it’s comfortable and fun to drive.

Eric Nefflen (not verified)    December 24, 2017 - 4:23PM

I love my 2014 Volt. Doesn't have the range of the newer models but I can still commute back and forth to work on pure electric. If I need to make some side trips it's not an issue - the gasoline engine starts and runs like any good hybrid when the battery gets low. It really is the best of both worlds (gas and electric)

RAYMOND Simonton (not verified)    December 24, 2017 - 5:29PM

I am on my second Volt and liked them both but don't understand why I can't get one with a rear window wiper like I had on my Prius etc.

Douglas (not verified)    June 24, 2019 - 9:53AM

In reply to by RAYMOND Simonton (not verified)

Fully Agree! In fact, I'm thinking of installing one myself by going to the junk yard for a used one! I noticed some cars such as the Honda CRV and Civic have their rear windshield wipers mounted right on the glass windshield.

Natasha (not verified)    December 24, 2017 - 5:40PM

After having the pleasure of driving my friends Chevy Bolt EV, I looked into buying one but he cost was just out of my range, so I went and test drive a Volt and just loved it! Everything I enjoyed about the Bolt was there, Fully EV when I wanted, Regen pedal on steering wheel, and quick off the line acceleration. My commute is 70 kms so the Volt is just perfect. 2 weeks now in a 2018 model and I will never go back to a full ICE car ever again. Love it!

Al Williams (not verified)    December 24, 2017 - 6:47PM

The Volt is a great car. The one drawback is the cramped back seat. I own a first generation Volt. However the second generation is better car In every way. Range. Style. Paddle shifting. Interior. The Volt is one of the best cars you can buy

Harry How (not verified)    December 25, 2017 - 12:46AM

Great driving experience, low operating costs with extremely impressive technology that's fully integrated with your smart phone. It is better than any other hybrid available in virtually every metric, but most of all, it is simply beautiful to drive.

Dzenz (not verified)    December 25, 2017 - 8:44AM

Only 2 electric vehicles make sense to me. The Tesla because of the Supercharger network, and the Volt because you can still drive it after you deplete the battery. The rest are wanna be's. If you can't take a road trip without long delays recharging you need a different car. I now have over 5000 miles on mine with 1.2 gallons used. That's the beauty of the range extender.

Jerry McGuffin (not verified)    December 25, 2017 - 9:21AM

Have a 2014 VOLT, replaced a 2012 Prius. Loved both but REALLY love the VOLT. just over 50,000 miles (some long distance and around town). Normal average economy is 150+ miles to a Gal. Overall 50,000 miles 87 miles to gal (a few really long distance drives on gas only). Lots of acceleration and smooth ride. Best thing is electric for normal driving and no issue will long distance and no recharge available. Goes ANYWHERE and room for 4. Also looks like a regular car not boxy like many other Hybrids.

Douglas Peng (not verified)    December 25, 2017 - 11:46AM

I own both a 2017 Chevy Volt and a 2016 Ford Fusion Energi. I love both cars, and can't really say the Volt is better than the Fusion Energi or vice versa, as each are better in different ways. For the Volt, I like it for its significantly longer electric range, and would choose it over the Fusion Energi for this reason alone. I also like the fact that the Volt has a real trunk and is a more powerful car. However, the Fusion Energi is much more luxurious and its fit and finish is far superior. The Volt feels like it's slapped together like a Pontiac Sunfire, whereas the Fusion Energi quality could easily rival (and win) against a BMW and it's dashboard is highly refined. The Fusion is also significantly bigger, making it a comfortable 5 seater. Although the Fusion Energi electric range is only 35 km (20 miles), my wife and I drive 80% in electric mode and only fill up once every 2 months. For the Volt, we fill up considerably less, about 3 times a year. In the winter time, the Volt engine also turns on for no reason at all, which isn't the case with the Fusion Energi. Hence in the winter time, the Fusion Energi is in electric mode far more often than the Volt which unnecessarily turns on the ICE engine. For safety, the Volt makes a fake hum to warn pedestrians, whereas the Fusion Energi is truly silent.

George Anderson (not verified)    December 25, 2017 - 7:20PM

I choose the Volt because it allows me to do my 54 mile round trip commute using only electric. Even better as daily I am crawling home in bumper to bumper traffic I am no longer wasting gas, and the regenerative breaking saves both fuel, my breaks, and my sanity, as I am no longer having to accelerate and break repeatedly. I also like having a back up gas engine but am still driving 90% electric. As a bonus the Volt is really fun to drive accelerates rapidly and smoothly allowing easy highway merging. I also don't miss the weekly visit to the gas station. I would never want a regular ice car again and if folks would test drive the Volt they would not either. To respond to a couple of earlier comments, the volt runs the engine when it is cold to both help warm the cabin and the battery pack.
The default is 35 f, but it can be selected to be lowere so the engine will come on much less frequently, and it only makes a sound at low speeds so you don't hit pedestrians in parking lots, I do not hear it when I am in my car.

John Tenpas (not verified)    March 22, 2018 - 10:35AM

I own a '16 Volt, which I bought used in November 2016 for $21,700. I love it's combination of electric drive and gas backup because my typical daily commute is 34 miles round trip, well within the electric range, but I occasionally need to drive 200 miles for a meeting, sometimes with little advance notice. If that occurs, I just gas and go, no planning required, and no worries whether I have enough range. It's a smooth, quiet, comfortable car on the highway, but also spunky and fun to drive!

bob (not verified)    December 2, 2018 - 8:30PM

Just bought a '19 Volt. I always wanted one since I first heard about the concept back in '07. I used to doodle in Jr high school about cars with electric motors driven by an ICE (trains work that way. We dont need to worry about exactly how long ago that was, but gas was ~50c a gal at the time; most people didnt know what "mpg" meant).

The first gen Volt wasnt up to snuff in my book. The controls were horrible, the engine required premium and it only went 38 "miles" (the "miles" are more like kilometers if you plan to drive highway speeds).

I am a Honda fanboy from way back and I really wanted a Clarity when I heard about it, went over to see one the day I heard of it but it is designed to be driven by people with no right leg, they have this decorative plastic doodad that sticks out into the space where people need to be.

So I finally got the Volt. I ordered the optional 7.2 kW charger and it takes ~2.5 hrs to charge every day. Had to special order it after a year of searching because the ghost of Henry Ford has possessed Chevy and you can only find them with black interiors, which creep me out cause a tiny cabin like that feels like a coffin in black, whereas I want anythingbutblack - like in ALL of my previous cars.

I am puzzled why they didnt include a heat pump for heat; since the car has A/C 99% of the parts needed are already there. I think it was designed by Californians or something, you can tell cold weather took the designers by surprise.

I wish it had 53 actual measured US statute miles range cause my commute is 50.8 miles and I have to hypermile it to make it, hugging the right lane just barely at the speed limit and not meeting anyones' eyes, at least when its cold and I need heat. Several times the engine has come on in my driveway as I pull in, which means the engine is going to shut right back off again and not get warmed up - bad for it.

I wish the interior quality reflected the price, but GM.

And of course in todays world, you have to have 10,000 electronic whizbang gizmos that will break and can only be fixed by PhD robotics engineers at NASA during a solar eclipse. And enough vulnerabilities that pretty much any hacker in the world can kill you without even trying.

But overall its a blast.

John (not verified)    June 23, 2019 - 7:21AM

I'm on my second Volt, a 2018 LT and couldn't be happier with it. My first Volt, a 2012 Premier is still in the family too. I live in flat, hot central Florida which seems to be the perfect climate for Volt owners, and the 53 mile estimated EV range now reads 75 miles on the dash when it's fully charged. My 38 mile round trip commute means I never use gas, and I plug in at work for free so I have no fuel cost at all! I bought my current Volt last October, and I finally decided to burn through the tank of gas that was still in it from the dealership over a two week period, just so I could have a fresh tank when I take it in for the oil change next week. I'm only getting the oil changed because it's a complementary service, and because they'll rotate the tires and check all the fluids. Love the car!

Douglas (not verified)    June 24, 2019 - 9:57AM

In reply to by John (not verified)

When they rotate your tires, remind them to also re-program your TPS tire pressure monitoring system as the front wheels will become the back wheels and vice-versa. My local GM dealership forgot to do this, one day I ended with a flat on my rear tire as I drove over a nail. However, the front tire warning light came on the dashboard which confused me as it didn't occur to me to check for the flat tire on the rear wheel.