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Which Navigation System to Use in Your Tesla Model S for Best Traffic Experience

If your Tesla's navigation system has problems consider switching to another system for best traffic experience. There are different options such as Waze, Apple Carplay or Chromecast for navigation.Here are few suggestions from current Tesla Model S owners.

Some Tesla Model S owners have complained of several navigation problems. Particularly they say it doesn't give you exit numbers, only street and road names. I am not sure if this is correct, but here are few alternatives, commented by current Model S owners in Tesla Model S Owners Club on Facebook.

For example take Waze. You can switch to Waze using it on your phone via Bluetooth or Waze through the factory screen somehow? Some people say Waze has saved them many times. "Waze is the best by far. I stopped using the navigation unless I'm looking for a super charger," writes Rolando.

Apple CarPlay will allow you to project your iPhone Apps onto screen. However, Tesla does not want to implement it for some odd reason. It's just a simple software update for them.

"I love my Chromecast. I dont understand why you can't send Chromecast to the video. Again, it's a simple software update for Tesla," writes a forum member DWreck. The car version of Chromecast is called Android Auto. It's made to compete with Apple CarPlay, and available on many makes of cars already, except Tesla.

Yet others suggest Garmin. It costs $90 dollars, but does a good job on finding local restaurants.

Watch Tesla Navigation Walkthrough

"Visually, Tesla's Navigation is not too bad, but its spoken instructions are terrible. Unfortunately, you would be hard-pressed to find a built in navigation system in any vehicle that is superior to what's available on smartphones," comments David.

"When the Model S was new I was invited to test drive it and I went to the store. The Navigation didn't work. I'm not saying I could not make it work. The Tesla employee in the vehicle could not make it work. I was sure it must be better by now, but this post has me wondering. David makes a good point, except that I don't have cell coverage at my home or at my vacation home. Of course I know how to get there, but phone-based Navigation only works in range of cell signals. I'm sure that is never a problem in California," writes TorqueNews' John Goreham whose Tesla Model S Review can be read here. John lives in Mas.

Is the navigation suppose to avoid heavy traffic jams? "The map shows the congested road, yet navigation still guides us through it. Isn't it suppose to calculate the fastest route based on traffic?," asks Steven in the forum. You need to go to the setting for navigation and tell it when to re-route you for traffic. "You set it for how many minutes you you must save before it chooses a different route," replies Fred.

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Regarding the exit numbers, two people commented and said that their navigation does show and mention the exist numbers, but only when you are very close to the exit. About re-routing your traffic, check in your Settings->Apps->Maps & Navigation and make sure that "Traffic based Routing" is turned On.

Pros About Tesla Navigation

Several people wrote that they really have loved the Tesla Navigation without any problems. "I also have no issues with the nav system. Ive driven across the US and relied on the navigation system. No problems here," writes Mike.

"Yes. It has always worked really well for me. In fact, it has helped numerous times to circumvent the crazy traffic of LA, SFO, Seattle, etc." replies Darrell.

"We haven't had any issues with the navigation system and I thought for sure we also got exit numbers... I like that it even knows to tell you when to "bear right" on the new exit ramps that have multiple forks," writes Joy.

"I love the navigation. The driver's view will show you exactly what is on the sign. Exit numbers can be a bit confusing, and are hit and miss depending on your location," writes Matt.

If your navigation is giving you problems bug report this issue in your car. If tesla gets numerous bug reports, one would think they would address it. If you don't know where is the Bug Report, it is is one of the few voice commands that your car accepts, like play music. "Check your manual or call Tesla for real specifics. But, it's another great Tesla idea where you state bug report and then give them a suggestion or problem that you are having, and then, supposedly, Tesla checks these reports periodically and will address certain issues. I'd love to hear more specifics about this, but it seems pretty cool and astute on Tesla's behalf," suggests Richard.

What has been your experience with Tesla Navigation? Do you use it or something else instead?