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When Barcelona's Iniesta Let Some Fans Drive His Nissan Leaf, They Left With These Surprises

Few days ago, Barcelona's legendary Andres Iniesta let some of his friends and fans to test drive his Nissan Leaf in the streets of Barcelona. He also had left generous gifts for them in the trunk of his Leaf.

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Iniesta tweeted about this and a video of his friends test-driving his Nissan Leaf in the streets of Barcelona on June 27. Nissan, which seems to be sponsoring this, also shared it on its twitter page.

Here is a summary of what happened in that Twitter video.

I don't know Spanish and don't understand what Iniesta's friends are talking about while driving the car. But judging from their faces I see that they are excited and took some time to familiarize themselves with the Leaf.

Now, Iniesta is not only the steering wheel of Barcelona, but also the face of the automotive company Nissan, writes Bolavip, published in Spanish.

However, besides the famous soccer player giving his Nissan Leaf to his friends to drive, he seems to be generous too. The friends where surprised to open the trunk and see the gifts wich Iniesta had prepared for them.

Nissan is pushing ahead with Leaf sales and marketing. Yesterday the Japanese automaker announced that the 2018 Nissan Leaf, which is expected to have more than 200 miles range on a single charge and is built based on IDS concept, has a reveal date of September 6, 2017.

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