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What type of bus will president Obama take in two weeks

President Barack Obama will travel in the Midwest by bus.


Perhaps it's best to call it a job tour. However, the tour will be by bus. The White House says the president is planning a Midwest bus tour to discuss jobs during the week of August 15.

AP's Ken Thomas broke the news this morning by tweeting about it. He made a reference to the White House as Thomas is a D.C.-based reporter with The Associated Press.

Jennifer Psaki, the White House deputy communications director, confirmed a report in today’s New York Times but didn’t offer any additional details. The president, after signing deficit-reduction legislation yesterday, said he would be turning his attention to “new jobs, higher wages and faster economic growth.”

There is an armored presidential bus with a capacity of ten people. The 6 Cylinder Automatic bus uses diesel as its fuel. It's very comfortable and some pictures of it can be seen at the Busstore's site. However, it's not known if the president will use this or a similar bus for his Midwest tour.

Image source: Barack Obama official portrait