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Volvo to host a live chat today about road trips

Volvo Cars USA just updated its followers that the auto maker will host a live chat today discussing road trips.

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"Hey guys, be sure to join us on Twitter ( today at 2pm EST for the latest edition of our twitter chat #SwedeSpeak. This week we're discussing Road Trips. See you there," reads the message on Volvo Cars USA Facebook page. For those in Western and Central Europe the chat will start at 8 PM Central European Time. For the British Volvo lovers the chat will start at 7 PM.

California Volvo drivers can join the SwedeSpeak Volvo chat at 11AM PST.

Torque News asked what particular topics Volvo will be discussing this afternoon. The auto maker just updated writing they will be chatting about travel tips, experiences and top 'Road Trip' destinations with the company's Volvo Product and Accessory Teams.

It seems like a promising discussion. Something that Volvo drivers and fans can look forward to asking many questions and getting good answers.

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