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Video Shows Tesla Model 3 Vehicles Being Delivered On a Truck

People already note Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles being transported to first customers on an open-carrier delivery truck.

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Tesla model 3 vehicles are very limited and the production is slow. This has already disappointed many reservation holders and investors. Media consensus has already turned negative on Model 3 delay and headlines have turned ugly, reported Torque News editor John Goreham several days ago.

Tesla was expected to grow its Model 3 deliveries exponentially and deliver the non-employ buyers in late October, but that did not happen.

Even last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk refused to confirm how many Model 3 vehicles they produced in October, saying “people would just read too much into it.” But Elektrec reports Tesla may have made approximately 400 Model 3 EVs in October.

Not much, but growing and people already see the first delivery trucks on the streets loaded with Model 3s and being shipped to customers nationwide.

Here is David Sell, who took this video and posted on Twitter, showing a truckload of Tesla Model 3s getting ready to be transported to their owners.

If you are a Model 3 reservation holder how does it feel to wait for your car for months and even possibly years? Please share your thoughts in the comment's section below and we would appreciate sharing this story for discussion. Tesla hasn't had these many serious delays with Model S, what do you think seems to be the problem?

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Dominic (not verified)    November 11, 2017 - 8:58AM

Why write such negative article, you were supposed to help the electric revolution, at least according to your name! Do you have any idea how difficult is to design and mass produce a worldwide desirable vehicle made in North America for the first time in the last 40 years?