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This is Tesla's largest Supercharger in Europe, which opened in a Norwegian village

Norway is often in the news when it comes to Tesla and if you have not heard of Rygge, it's the city where Tesla has opened its largest Supercharger in Europe with 34 stalls.


Surpsingly Rygge is a village. It's a municipality in Ostfold county in Norway and Rygge is the administrative center of this municipality. Not many people would expect that Tesla's largest Supercharger would open in a remote Norwegian village, but Ryttle is a resort laid-back village and many people visit there.

According Tesla Owners Club Norway (TOCN) this largest Supercharger in Europe was "flooded" after it was opened and overloaded with many Teslas.

It reports that out of the 34 stalls the eight charging points are still not fully operational, but they will be added soon.

Image used from TOCN, posted on Tesla Owners Club Europe Facebook public page by Bent Knekten Marthinsen.

If you are from Norway and have already used the Supercharger in Ryggle, please let us know your experience. Is it really busy with many Teslas?

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