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Tesla's Brilliant Model 3 Marketing: Spending $0 on Ads

I don't know how much Tesla spends on its Model 3 marketing campaign, but it seems to me that Tesla (TSLA) doesn't have to do any advertising on Model 3, here is why.

Yesterday, when everyone were waiting for Elon Musk's much expected news announcement about Tesla Model 3 release date, hundreds of thousands of people were closely watching for that tweet, which came very late. We too, at TorqueNews were actively looking for it. But before Musk's tweets came we saw another video tweet showing 2 Tesla Model 3 vehicles driving down the streets in Chinatown in San Francisco.

We published that at and many people read that story. And one wonders, isn't this a great marketing technique. You can raise lots of interest and not spend a dollar for your ad.

"This is such a great marketing campaign. Tesla has spent $0 on ads. Musk has even anti-sold the Model 3. All they have to do is drive down the street, and inevitably a video ends up on social media and people go nuts. I'm almost enjoying that phenomenon more then the car itself," wrote one Tesla owner and enthusiast named Randy, after I shared that video story on Tesla Model 3 Owners Club on Facebook.

Her is one of those samples videos of Tesla Model 3 vehicles driving on the street and makes to social media and promotes Tesla's "zero dollar campaign." Quotations are ours.

Apple did the same with iPhone years ago. No wonder many people say what Tesla is for cars is what iPhone is for phones.