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Teslas Become Even Faster And More Practical on Long Journeys

Tesla is rolling out a new update for its EV car fleet known as 2023.38 and it improves a key feature of the route planner. The consequence: faster and more convenient long journeys on Model Y, Model 3, and other Tesla vehicles.


Tesla spoke about these upcoming trip-planning improvements during the last Investor Day in March 2023 and wasted no time in starting to implement them. I am particularly talking about the forecast (and prediction) of Supercharger occupancy when you get there.

Trip planning, a key element of a Tesl

We've already talked in detail about route planners, and there's no denying that Tesla's is among the best on the market. Certainly simplistic, it has the advantage of allowing people who are completely new to electric mobility to be able to travel very long journeys in complete peace of mind.

All you have to do is indicate your destination and let yourself be carried away by the stops at the Superchargers suggested by the on-board navigation. Until now, two very useful pieces of information were visible to owners: the number of terminals available live and a small graph displaying traffic depending on the time of day.

To this information is then added a forecast aspect with update 2023.38, as reported by the site notateslapp. Depending on the number of vehicles heading to the Supercharger you have at your destination, Tesla will display the number of terminals likely available when you arrive.

Additionally, if the station is expected to be fully occupied, the system may choose to redirect you to another Supercharger, or will display the estimated wait time. For the moment, we have not been able to experience this update, but it will be interesting to note how Tesla handles the case of Superchargers open to all .

Indeed, with more and more stations welcoming third-party vehicles, it is difficult for Elon Musk's Tesla brand to retrieve occupancy data in the near future, thinks Bob Jouy in Frandroid. Not having access to real-time monitoring of other vehicles, the forecast occupancy will necessarily be inaccurate. We will keep our eyes peeled to verify the accuracy of this new information on board our Model 3 and Model Y: we can bet that long trips in a Tesla will be even quicker and simpler for everyone.

Do you have anything to say about this new Tesla update? Please, share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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