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Tesla Hot Door Handles: How To Fix The Problem

Tesla Model S door handles sometimes can get very hot in summer. Several Tesla owners have attested to this problem and offered their solutions on how to fix it.

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Today I was reading few discussions in one of the Tesla groups where I saw one particular discussion about the problem of Tesla's hot door handles. This is not an issue for all Tesla Model S owners, but in certain geographical locations, where the weather is very hot, hot door handles can become a serious issue. What to do? When you try to get in after work some people say it burns their hand.

As much as possible park in shade. Take into consideration that while you are at work for eight or so hours the sun and earth will continue to move and the shaded area will change. Try to take this into consideration to get the maximum amount of hours of shade for your car.

Use a felt

Strip off felt and use it on the inside of the handle. The easiest way is to to to a nearby home improvement store and buy the Velcro pack. Then use the loop inside.

Apply Carbon-Fiber Wrap

Apply carbon-fiber wrap to your Tesla Model S door handles. Here is how to do it. This video explains how to do it. It's easy and only takes a minute. Alternatively, you can wrap them in vinyl. People say it helps too.

Run the Air Conditioning

"Just run the air-conditioning from the app. When the fans are on high, you can actually feel air blowing out from around the handles and they cool off after a bit. It was 103°F here today and the S was parked outside all day--a few minutes of remote cooling and everything was fine," recommends Alex in one of the Tesla owners' online forums.

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Does anyone else experience burning hot door handles on their Model S? What do you do when it's impossible to park under the shadow?

Armen Hareyan is the editor of Torque News and has 9 years of automotive reporting experience. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

This story has been updated on August 29, 2019.

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