Tesla Cybertruck in NYC
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Tesla Cybertruck is in NYC with "Atrocious" Build Quality

Last night Tesla Cybertruck was brought to New York City. Elon Musk tweeted that the Cybertruck prototype will be in NY this weekend and people saw it leaving he showroom and driving in the NYC streets. And by "atrocious" here I mean positively aggressive.

The Cybertruck in NYC was spotted by Albert Lee, who took multiple pictures and shared with Torque News.

Thus, after appearing last month at Giga Texas, the Cybertruck is now on display at the Tesla store in the Meatpacking District of New York. Photos shared to Twitter by Steven Brennan show the electric truck is roped off, but visitors can get an up-close look at the Cybertruck.

Random Thoughts about Tesla Cybertruck in NYC

Now imagine Cybertruck driving in New York City streets on FSD or Autopilot. I wonder how much work it is to add autopilot to a vehicle with different dimensions than the Model S, 3, Y and X lineup. Is there training required, or do the neural nets, just “get it?"

Tesla Cybertruck driving in New York City Streets

The Cybertruck has surely grown on many people, from what I see from comments in social media after people see it in NYC streets.

The aftermarket mods for this truck will be insane! "For sure going to be a Halo Warthog mod," one person comments on social media.

The Cybertruck is huge! I wonder how longer after main production, they will manufacture EU variants. Because this version of the Cybertruck will be way to big to drive or park around Europe.

Note that the Cybertruck here doesn’t have side mirrors. But imagine if your side mirrors could be seen from inside the vehicle, like from your dash. However, it’s still a prototype. The production version of the Cybertruck will have side mirrors because it’s required by state laws I guess.

The Cybertruck somehow looks like a cargo plane. Cybertruck's NYC images and social media popularity shows that right now Elon Musk is right not wanting to spend money on Tesla advertising. Just drive the Cybertruck in the New York City streets and do an SNL segment. It will have more impact than spending several millions of dollars on advertising. Imagine the effect if 10-20 Cybertrucks would drive cross country and be seen in many other cities.

Thus, if you are in the News York City area and want to check it out, the Tesla store is located at 860 Washington Street. According to Tesla’s website, the store is open until 8:00pm EST , and then reopens Saturday morning.

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Wrong address, correct is 860 Washington st
Thanks for the tip Tony. Just fixed it. Let me know if you go there and see the Cybertruck. Feel free to send me some videos or image tips. Thank you.
So despite the title of this article talking about "atrocious build quality", that's not mentioned at all they were in the article. Also if you're going to criticize the quality of someone else, perhaps you could spell check your own articles before you post them.
I don't think I critiqued anyone else's quality James. Did I?
Check your article title, sounds like a critique to me.
It means rather aggressive, not in a way of critique. I am glad you brought it to my attention. I will edit the story and put that word in quotations.
Dude. Suck it up and remove “atrocious”... it doesn’t mean “aggressive”. Your article is just more lame click bait.
Atrocious is used improperly. You can't just make up your own meanings for words. A dictionary would be a wise investment. Putting a word in quotes, doesn't magically alter its meaning either.
Please learn the difference between the word "to" and "too", as in "the Tesla cybertruck is too much!"
Poor quality was not even mentioned? I'm confused.
You need to change the word atrocious, it’s used completely improperly. I understand clickbait titles, but this is plain deceiving.
This article is funny! I'd say it's atrocious, but I don't think the author knows what that word means. In any event, the article could use the services of a good editor.
Speaking about its design, I can't help but think I've seen a very similar origami body style like this in an old sci-fi movie. Does anyone have any insight into similar body styling?
Yes it think its something similar to the armoured vehicle in Aliens
yes i think it similar to the armoured vehicle in Aliens