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Novitect Revises Maserati Gran Torismo MC Stradale for $31,851

Look and see what German tuning company Novitec Tridente has done to Maserati Gran Torismo MC Stradale. When Maserati was unveiling MC Stradale in Paris Auto Show in 2010 it would probably did not envision this new beauty and muscle.

Now Novitec accomplishes its mission making the Maserati Gran Torismo MC Stradale truly an Italian car. It's filled with aggression, more muscle and power.

If you are looking for a more muscular, but a bit shy version of MC Stradale Novitec has what you need. The German tuner, specializing in tuning of sports cars, has revised Maserati offering a new angle.

So let's see what Novitec has done. Upgrades like the belt-driver supercharger, larger injectors and a new engine-software mapping system move the 0-to-62-mph time down to 3.9 seconds. Maserati's top speed with this tuning reaches to 190 miles per hour. However, with an optional taller gearing package it can also reach to 205 mph. Torque grows to 460 lb-ft.

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In addition to these and some other changes, Novitec Tridente also reviewed the lines of the car. Thankfully the alterations are minimal. The tuner has installed a custom hood, including two large air vents.

While tuning this beautiful Maserati Gran Torismo MC Stradale Novitec changed the wheel and tire combination. The car includes 21 inch wheels at the front and 22 inch wheels in the back.

The price of this tuning is $31,851 at a current dollar vs euro exchange rate. The price of the Maserati MC Stradale is 143,400 U.S. dollars.

The company also proposes to tune the suspension and exhaust system. However, that will come with an additional cost.