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Nissan LEAF Owners About The Rise of Their Electric Bill vs Cost of Gasoline Usage

You buy a Nissan LEAF and the cost of your electric bill goes up. How much does it cost to fully charge a Nissan Leaf and what is the monthly cost. Nissan Leaf owners answer this question.

"This wasn't the case for me as my electric bill went up by less than half of what I was spending on gas every month. But it has me thinking, I wonder if people would think differently about the cost of gasoline usage if they paid for it on a monthly basis; getting a big bill in the mail rather than paying a little at a time at the pump," asks Dan in Nissan Leaf Owners group on Facebook, starting an interesting discussion on how much it costs to fully charge a Nissan LEAF at home and how it effects the cost of electric bill.

A LEAF owner Krispy writes that he was surprised at how little her electric charging cost went up. "Granted, I do charge at a free level 3 charger near my office 2-3x/month, but my electric usage for the Leaf is about between $15-20 per 1000 miles."

Charge Your EV Using Solar Power

Some people use solar panels and significantly lower the cost of fully charging their electric cars. I have seen this not only in Nissan LEAF owners but also Tesla Model S owners do it. Solar panels definitely are a huge pro when you purchase an electric car. That's the way to do it. But if you live in a mountainous area or in a canyon, going solar makes it a poor choice. If you are going to buy a new house, make sure it will have a good solar potential because in 15-20 years more electric cars will be on our roads and chances are you will be driving an EV in 15-20 years.

"I have solar panels replacing about 500kWh a month. I pay far more for natural gas each month than electricity," wrote a Leaf owner Steve.

Sometimes it's difficult to calculate the the full monthly electric cost of the Nissan LEAF because of the seasonal changes. This was the view expressed by some LEAF owners. "I can't compare," wrote Matthew from PA. "I do know it costs about 20 dollars to go 1000 miles based on my 8 cent kwh rate in Pennsylvania."

"Yes, my cost is about 110empg if you lay off the accelerator and keep the velocity down. We actually save about $150 a month because we set up appliance timers and programmed thermostats. We also changed rate plans," shares shares David.

The big bill will come eventually in the form of a road use tax. This, of course, varies from state to state. This is why it's difficult to calculate the cost of charging an EV at home vs the cost of gasoline.

"Mine was $25 over normal bill" wrote another Nissan LEAF owner named Matthew. "I replaced my Incandescent and CRLs with LEDs. And now I am $50 below average with powering my EV. Yet, $25 more a month in power and $350 dollars less in gas. Also, about $40 less in oil and maintenance."

Here are few other opinions about the cost of Nissan LEAF charging

"My electric bill went from $37 to $85 and also includes increased AC usage so the increase is more noticeable than someone already paying $100+ for their electric," writes Dan.

"The most my Leaf consumed was 330 kW for over 1400 miles that month. So 330 x $0.11 =$36. No significant change since the lowest bill for the house is $150 and $300 in the cold winter days," writes Boris.

"My power bill went up 18 dollars per month. I pay 20 bucks to aerovironment for unlimited charges a block from my office . Not too bad considering that one tank of gas lasts one week and it's 30+ dollars per fill up," writes Julio.

"Now I charge during the off peak hours. I learned my lesson but Southern California has the highest gas prices in the county," writes Samuel. In fact in some states power companies do offer special rates. Know those hours and rates and charge your Leaf during those hours.

Are you a Nissan LEAF or Tesla owner? How much has your monthly electric bill changed vs the cost of your previous gas bill when chargin your EV fully?


RobSez (not verified)    June 13, 2016 - 9:26PM

We have been Leasing a Leaf since the 2011 model. In February 2015 the Leaf became our only vehicle. I've been tracking our electric costs since 2 days after we got our first Leaf. I use our smart L2 charger in the garage and a note pad in the car to log charging away from home. Our lowest cost month ever was a little over $27 the first month. Our highest was $58 in February 2014. As our only car the Leaf has cost an average around $40-$45 per month. We drive between 1,600 & 1,700 miles a month.Just picked up a 2016 two weeks ago with the bigger battery. Sorry I don't have any monthly cost on it yet.

Scott (not verified)    June 18, 2016 - 1:47PM

I had an average electric bill of $125/month and spent an average of $150/month on gas with a 6 cyl Infiniti prior to the leaf. So $275/month all in. I installed solar on the house with a 12 year note for $180/month.

We are able to fully charge the leaf at home and I averaged 11,000 miles in the first year. We are producing about 900 kWh each month on the solar system in southern California with 18 panels. At this stage I save about $90/month with the leaf and we still have about 80 kWh unused each month. The wife is switching to a used volt next month so that should further our overall savings as she spends about $150/month on gas with a Nissan Murrano. Should take our total savings to about $150/month.