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New White Tesla Model 3 Spotted Outside Fremont Looks Slightly Different

I just saw this tweet that a Twitter user reported this picture of spotting a white Tesla Model 3 outside Fremont, CA about two hours ago.

Janine Anavitarte tweeted this picture of white Tesla Model 3 about two hours ago, writing she spotted it on the freeway right outside Fremont factory. The reason I wrote that it looks slightly different is because we haven't seen Model 3 from the rear side much. Mostly we see Model 3's front or quickly passing, like in this video.

So what does it remind you? Do you think this is the same Model 3 we have seen in pictures or perhaps this Model 3 is slightly modified and that what we have seen in the media so far isn't the final version.

For example, in this July 5 video I hardly see any streamlines under the doors, that I see in this white Model 3. But it can also be that in video that I just linked the color is read and it's hard to see it. What do you think?