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Musk Tells Jay Leno About Upcoming Cybertruck Changes

Tesla Cybertruck is going to undergo some change about which Elon Musk told Jay Leno in a teaser of Jay Leno's Garage, released by CNBC Friday morning.

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Update: Elon Musk Tweeted last Saturday after this report that after reviewing with Tesla's Chief designer they can't make the Cybertruck smaller.

Be ready for more Cybertruck changes. Elon Musk tells Jay Leno that when Tesla Cybertruck comes out of production it will be 5 percent smaller to fit a normal garage and Tesla will improve the vicibility. Musk says it's difficult to have a glass like that (referring to Cybertruck's interior glass) because of the slop.

Here is a little segment from the Cybertruck episode from Jay Leno's Garage. CNBC just released a sneak peek of Jay Leno's Garage, in which Jay Leno and Elon Musk drive in a Cybertruck and Tesla CEO tell Leno who the Cybertruck is going to change when it reaches the production in 2021.

Here are the changes that Cybertruck will have at production. Tesla Cybertruck pickup truck will get 5 percent smaller to fit a normal garage and Tesla will improve its visibility.

As Jay drives the Cybertruck, he asks Musk what he would change in the Cybertruck when Tesla's electric pickup truck reaches production.

Jay: What would you change when it finally reaches production, what do you think you would do?

Musk: We are five percent too big and will take all proportions and drop about that five percent.

Jay: All the way around?

Musk: Yes, so it has got to fit in a normal garage.

Musk: There are lots of little details actually. Musk says it's improving visibility. Having a glass, like this, is actually quite hard because it's so slopped.

Jay: Is that a special kind of glass or a normal windshield glass?

Musk: We are going to be using effectively an armored glass for the car and the door panels for the car are 30 times cold-rolled stainless steel and bulletproof. The glass of the Cybertruck is a Tesla Armor Glass.

We have no idea when the Cybertruck episode will air on Jay Leno's Garage. When do you think the Cybertruck segment of Jay Leno's Garage will air on CNBC?

Tesla is looking for a location for its Cybertruck Terafactory and yesterday a property in Hutto Texas started marking as "Texas Cybertruck Terafactory Option."

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