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Look How Cadillac CTS Looks Like After Being Totaled, but Saved The Driver

"Just wanted to say goodbye to this group. Going to miss my CTS. This is what happens when reckless little kids blow red lights," wrote one owner in Cadillac CTS/CTS-V Owners/Admirers group on Facebook few days ago, while sharing his car's image.

The accident happened few days ago in New Jersey. Group members were so sensitive that they suggested the owner to set a goal and even apply for a crowd sourced funding to repair or purchase a new Cadillac.

This picture says thousand words, but it can be misleading too. The front end damage may suggest that the driver of this Cadillac was the fault. However, he was not. The driver wrote that the other car blew a red arrow light in a turning lane. "I had the green to go straight and he turned right in front of me on his red light," the driver of this Cadillac CTS explained.

Thank God the driver is OK. This once again proves how safe the Cadillac can be. The vehicle did a pretty good job protecting its occupants. It's really impressive.