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If You Think This Nissan 370Z Is Totaled Here Is What Other Z Owners Think

Today I was reading a status in Nissan 370Z Z34 Facebook Group when I saw this 370Z about which the owner was asking if its totaled or can be repaired.

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This "happened last Saturday," writes the owner Joey Bruch, posting these pictures in Nissan 370Z Z34 public group. "Does anyone here have experience with damaged Zs? I just want to know if it's totaled," Bruch wrote.

Some Say It's Totaled

Several group members, who participated int he discussion wrote that this Nissan 370Z is totaled. Some of them said that if the airbag has popped, it usually will be totaled. "I always heard if the bags deployed it was gone," wrote one member. Bruch posted another picture with popped airbag.

But some others said that that a vehicle is totaled if the damages add up past a certain percentage of the vehicle value, not the whole value itself.

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Andrey Dolgikh wrote that if there is a frame damage they will total it. "Complete and proper repair would require replacement of the frame parts which in turn leads to high repair costs way beyond the cost of the vehicle. Nevertheless you can buy it out and rebuild it at some good body shop where they can stretch the frame back without taking the whole front end apart."

Nissan 370Z crashedAlternatively This 370Z Can Be Fixed

Other group members expressed an opposite view writing that this Nissan can be fixed. You could fix it yourself. It would involve getting new front bumper cover, air bag sensor and an air bag, concluded few members.

"You could probably fix it if the frame isn't irreparably damaged, but fixing your suspension is going to be a difficult and not a super cheap thing. However, it's definitely fixable. I am pretty sure it is indeed totaled though Glad you are alright," writes a group member Joseph Marroquin.

The Car Insurance Company Will Decide

One other member suggested that if he has a full coverage and if it's totaled let the car insurance take care of it. He wrote there is no need to put another $5,000 into it and lose more money.

Jordan King, a group member, who participated in the discussion writes. "We honestly couldn't tell you. Like someone said, it's up to your insurance company. If the damage done to the car cost more to repair then the car's worth they'll probably total it, but they would probably let you buy it out if the frame is bent or anything that makes it to where if you get into another accident that it wouldn't be safe then they'll total it, but it just all depends man."

In the mean time, we feel sorry for the Bruch and glad that no one, involved in the accident of this 2013 Nissan 370Z was hurt. Bruch wrote that he is OK and that the crash was at about 30 mph. He has been looking into parts to fix it himself and found everything he could think of for around $5,000. He is unsure about the frame. I think if no one is hurt the rest can be repaired.

At the end of the day the car insurance company is the decider. No one else may really know. There are hundreds of different auto insurance companies out there and it is completely up to your insurance provider. Bruch wrote that the insurance is coming the next day and that he was just looking for some opinions from fellow Nissan Z owners.

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Mike (not verified)    September 26, 2017 - 9:10AM

It is not completely up to the insurance company. It is also up to the body shop who enforces manufacturer-approved repair methods and the consumer who enforces the appraisal clause.

Marc L (not verified)    September 26, 2017 - 4:50PM

The needs to 80% of value to be a total loss. If the unibody ( Body and Frame are one part.)

My wife just hit something that fell of a truck and it had 9000 worth of damage. We still owe 30k on it. So not a total loss