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How To Plead Your Case With Nissan To Replace Your Battery Pack

One needs good negotiation when dealing car dealerships and if you plead right, you can have your Nissan Leaf battery pack replaced and most of its cost covered, if not all.

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Tim Jacobsen from SF Bay Area Nissan Leaf Owners Group shares his story in the public group on how he negotiated for a new Nissan Leaf Battery pack.Here is Jacobsen in his own words, reprinted from the public group.

Negotiate for a New Nissan Leaf Battery Pack

I have posted here many times over my 2011 Nissan Leaf's continuous range loss and capacity bar loss, and my many calls to Nissan Relations reporting my dissatisfaction. I believed they should have automatically replaced all 'Non-Lizard' battery packs for those of us affected with no limits.

I own my Leaf and it's paid for. I like to keep my cars for over 10 years. By the time my capacity warranty expired, I had 9 BARS on 8/2016. I dropped to 8 bars on 3/2017. My range sucked.

He Called Nissan 4 Times To Replace Leaf Battery

I contacted Nissan for the 4th time to report, and once again request replacement with the updated battery. I was very prepared with documents and facts supporting why they should assist me and cover "out of warranty" replacement. I assertively pleaded my case with my relations representative.

Two days later I was granted Nissan financial assistance, which was to cover 80% of the cost of the battery replacement and 20% to be paid by me. Even though I feel they should have covered 100%, I accepted without complaint or question.

I now have a new heat-resistant battery pack, and my range is like new.

It Makes A Difference On How Assertive You Are

If you are dealing with a similar situation and have an expired capacity warranty in the future, it really makes all the difference on how you plead your case with Nissan when you seek help.

I am a happy Leaf owner again!

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Editor's Note: You can see what a difference it makes when you are assertive and diligently follow your case. In my life I had a similar situation with a car insurance company and again diligence and assertiveness paid off. However, if this doesn't work for any reason you may want to return your Nissan Leaf to the dealership when the lease ends and let them deal with it themselves.

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