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Hey Siri, Open My Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y can be opened and closed via SIRI and one Model Y owner demonstrates how to do that and what apps you need for that.


Today I saw this very cool demonstration by Ryan Wallace on Twitter demonstrating how you can open and close the trunk (and possibly the doors and frunk) of your Tesla Model Y.

Communicating with your Tesla via SIRI is not a new thing. Here is how to communicate with your Tesla Model S with SIRI. And now comes the Model Y and SIRI.

Watch my video where after a brief introduction I am enabling the voice for you to hear how Ryan demonstrates opening and closing his Model Y by using SIRI and a special app.

So this morning I saw this presentation on Twitter where a user named Bryan Wallace opens and closes his Tesla Model Y via SIRI. He says You don’t need an automatic foot sensor when you can just have your phone do it hands free.

Ryan also says You need the @StatsTeslaApp. It has Siri widget integrations, which is outstanding. You can also use it on your Apple watch. He says he personally prefers the @TezLabApp, but it doesn't have Siri integrations yet.

Ryan says it doesn't work with Google Assistant yet, but only with SIRI from what he can see. He also says his SIRI is only activated by his voice. He had his family try to say “Hey Siri” but it only responded to his voice.

Another user, following this discussion said "Tesla remote app does this. It's a lot cheaper. You can add Siri Shortcuts for lots of actions including this and wind up/down the windows etc. They also then work on the Apple Watch. The first time it asks you to confirm, but not after that.

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Timothy Parker (not verified)    April 23, 2020 - 11:11PM

Looks like he's already dinged his hatch door. People have said this was going to be a problem!