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Hear the Tesla Model 3 Door Noise Without and With The Seals

There is an easy and inexpensive way to reduce the Tesla Model 3 road noise. This new video shows how to do it by adding seals on your doors.


Here is a great tip to give your Model 3 (maybe also Model S and X) some easy "quality" sound when closing doors. Also, it might help with the noise inside the car.

Recently a Youtube Channel, called Tesla Fans, uploaded this new video, showing how to reduce Tesla Model 3 road noise in an easy and cheap way.

"The things that bothered me the most in my Tesla model 3 is the road noise and the sound of the door as it closes. After reading on various forums, some have mentioned about adding seals to the doors. Here's my how to video to make your model 3 not only quieter but also have a deep sound when you close its doors," wrote the channel admin.

About a week ago a Florida Tesla owner updated in the comments writing that he tried this for the front doors only. "Last week I used a decibel meter with AC on before installing rubber seals. Overall average noise was 83 dB with a spike to 92 dB. Today driving the same route with AC on, but with stronger winds today, the average noise level was 78 dB with a spike to 90dB, probably when using the turn signals. I have enough seals to do the back doors and will then measure again."

Seals Will Reduce The Dirt

This rubber seal will have another benefit as well. At least it will reduce the amount of dirt that gets onto the sills. And that's a lot of help too. Tesla owners say they are surprised how quickly they get dirty: especially during this time of the year when they catch lots of polens after the rain.

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Now, in order for the water not to be trapped in the door, you can add a small draingap in the rubber under drainhole.

If anybody has tried to put these seals on their car, please let us know it this actually reduces the road noise. Do you think this can be done on Model S and Model X?

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David Rosati (not verified)    August 12, 2020 - 5:21PM

Have you had any feedback on whether the road noise is still an issue in the 2020 model? I know the aftermarket road noise reduction kits are pretty popular and it sounds like they're pretty useful for anything built prior to the fall of 2019, but I also know that Tesla promised at that time to fix this issue for the 2020s. Wondering whether a road noise reduction kit is still a useful mod for a 2020 Model 3?