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The First Tesla Owners Should Pay 26,000 Euros for Battery Change

After a battery change, the first Tesla owners should now pay 26,000 euros. Very few expected such costs.

People still have different opinions when it comes to electric cars. Currently, the initial cost for Tesla owners is around 26,000 euros, mainly because of the need to replace the battery, Karlsruhe Insider reports. It's important to understand the reasons behind this.

The battery is the core component of an electric car, and replacing it can be quite expensive for the car owner. Many Tesla owners discuss the costs of battery replacement in online forums. This discussion becomes even more interesting because the warranty for higher-end Tesla models expires after eight years. Some owners are curious about what would happen if their battery fails. In fact, JD Power explains how often Tesla batteries need to be replaced.

In a forum, a user shares an estimate they received from Tesla, stating that the first Tesla owners would have to pay 26,000 euros to replace the battery, as shown in this example. There are cases worldwide where electric car owners are shocked by the high cost of new batteries, which could be equivalent to buying a new car. However, the user who posted the cost estimate on a Tesla driver's forum is less surprised. They believe that there are alternatives to battery replacement and that the specific costs depend on various factors.

According to Tesla, owners of their premium models, such as the Model S, should expect even higher expenses for battery replacement, with prices estimated at over 25,000 euros. These costs are calculated based on labor time and component expenses. Luxury sedans can have significantly higher expenses. Using remanufactured batteries can be a cheaper option, although they often lack necessary warranties.

According to online comparison portals, the batteries can last up to 240,000 kilometers. Additionally, customers have the choice of purchasing separate warranties for the battery and its replacement.

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Michael L Hutcheson (not verified)    June 8, 2023 - 1:18PM

It seems I'm wrong. The warranty for a 2013 Model S battery is 240,000 km and data indicates the average is over 300,000 km, until less than 90% capacity.