Elon Musk's interview about Tesla getting into mining
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Elon Musk's Interview on Tesla Getting Into Mining

Yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave an interview at the Future of the Car conference, organized by the Financial Times. In that Interview musk spoke about many interesting topics concerning not only Tesla, but also his children's interests. But one of the important topics was whether Tesla will get into mining to secure the necessary amount of batteries for its electric cars.

Regarding the topic of Tesla getting into mining in order to secure more batteries for electric vehicle production, adoption and transition, Musk said " It's not out of the question; If that's the only way to accelerate the transition (to sustainable energy), then we will do that.

Do you think it's necessary to buy existing mines or get into mining? Some people, commenting on Twitter say it's "not a bad idea here! The initial beginnings will be difficult, but doable."

Responding to Elon Musk's interview, there was an opinion that Tesla's getting into mining for more batteries was a much better and more relevant purchase than Twitter.

I think Tesla can even use autonomous mining equipment. But whatever you do, please keep the kids out of mines. We don't want children mining cobalt for EV batteries.

You can watch full replay of Elon Musk's interview below.

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Same concept as Henry Ford controlling his own supply chain by creating huge rubber tree farms in the 1920’s.