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The Eclipse Over the Tesla Fremont Factory

Tesla enthusiast takes a picture of the solar eclipse over Tesla's Fremont factory.

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Millions of Americans yesterday gathered to watch a once a lifestyle phenomenon: the solar eclipse. Tesla enthusiasts did the same too and one of them, who may even be a Tesla employee posted this pictures of the eclipse over the company's Fremont factory in California.

He published his picture at Imgur. It clearly shows the start of the eclipse the the roof of the Tesla's Fremont factory.

He says he took the photo without a filter and this is what he got.

By the way, car companies liked playing with the idea of using the eclipse to market their cars. In fact, yesterday, just in time for the solar eclipse, Nissan rolled out new 2018 Frontier and Titan Midnight Editions.

I know many Tesla owners were going to drive long distances to watch the eclipse. There was an active discussion warning about huge traffic and no places at charging stations.

Did you drive a distance to watch the eclipse? If yes did you have any difficulty with charging?

By the way, yesterday's eclipse migration discussions showed that soon Tesla Model S owners may resent with the influx of hundreds of thousands of Model 3 owners. There are 3 contributing factors for that, but we need to learn to love and respect one another.

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