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BMW creates 800 jobs to produce i3, i8 models in 2013

BMW careers is a busy place now for those looking for jobs in the auto industry as the company announced it will create 800 jobs to make BMW i3 in 2013 and i8 in 2014.

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The company yesterday held the topping-out ceremony of its Leipzig plant where it will produce its electric vehicle of the future. BMW i3 and BMW i8. These models were unveiled the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show.

According to the information, released by the company, BMW invested 400 million Euros (nearly 567 million U.S. dollars) into this plant in Leipzig. The German automaker plans to strengthen the group's position in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index with this investment as the most sustainable auto producer on the globe.

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BMW has also unveiled its electric mobility production schedule. The i3 electric car will come in 2013, while the BMW i8 will come in 2014 as a plug-in hybrid sports car. It will be both electric and fuel powered.

New Careers and Jobs at BMW

This new plant in Leipzig gives a new chance for those seeking jobs in the auto industry. BMW career center has announced that the company will create 800 new job to make the new i3 and i8 models at the Leipzig plant. The hiring has already started at the Leipzig plant according to BMW's career center. Jobs are announced and many more associates will be needed from 2013 onwards to produce the electric vehicles in this plant.

Here are some types of specialists BMW will be needing among other specialties. The company has announced it will need electric experts. Electronics and lightweight construction specialists are also in high demand. However, the company says it also needs specialists in planning, maintenance and various cross-department functions and not only specialists in the production field.

BMW enters The Age of Electric Autos with BMW i

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