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The Best Mechanical Gloves Auto Mechanics Say They Like

When auto mechanics work on their cars they need a special type of gloves, especially they work on the engine of the vehicle. Your regular gloves will not do the job, but there are some gloves that auto mechanics say are the best when working on their cars.

Two days ago as I was looking for some best mechanical gloves for car mechanics, I asked a question on some Facebook car groups about this. "What are the best mechanical gloves to use for car guys," was my question. Here are some replies from automotive mechanics who shared from their experience.

"I always wear surgical gloves when I'm working on something with grease or brake cleaner or other liquids," wrote Zach. Apparently surgical gloves work pretty well for car guys.

Raven Gloves
"I like Raven gloves," wrote one another, again named Zach. He explained that in his experience Raven Gloves just seem to hold up well. "I can usually get 1-2 pairs to last me whole job. They don't tear easy and the breath well. Raven Gloves have decent texture on the fingers and the don't irritate my skin," wrote Zach.

Another mechanic, named Steven, also wrote in favor of Raven Nitrile Gloves. He replied that they hold up well.

Another auto mechanic, named Dee, prefers gloveworks. He replied that he has tried quite a few different types of car gloves and Gloveworks are by far the toughest in his experience. "They grip nicely too," Dee added.

Costco Mechanical Gloves
"I use the ones from Costco at work mostly for chemicals, but they do take quite a bit of abuse and are quite thick," writes Scott. He adds that Costco's mechanical gloves cost $9 dollars a box for 100, which is pretty reasonable too.

Mechanix Gloves
Jamie, a car mechanic from F150 Ecoboost group, wrote that he likes Mchanix gloves. But it depends on the job and whether you are dealing with grease of liquid "Mechanix Gloves seem to hold up so far as long as it's just dirt and grease you are dealing with. They are not water proof so if you are dealing with a lot of liquid it will get messy. Besides that they work well and I can still move and grip tools fine," writes Jamie.

In fact Mchanix and DeWalt high performance gloves have an A+ rating in this review of best mechanic gloves by Shoecast.

Gloves are important to wear when working on your cars. Ketones, Varsols, Naptha, Chemical detergents: they all have long term damage. This is why you need gloves to protect your hands.