Chevy Volt Door Chime Volume
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3 Simple Ways To Fix Chevy Volt's Loud Door Ajar Alarm: The Chime Volume

Some Chevy Volt owners complain that the door ajar alarm is very loud. It's also called Continuous Chiming, when the driver door is opened while the vehicle is in ON. Is there an easy fix to lower the door alarm sound?

"I can't find any way to decrease the volume or slow the pace of the beeps," wrote one 2017 Chevy Volt owner in a Volt owners forum. "When I open the door to talk with people I have to shut it to continue the conversation. I'd like to show them the dash and controls without having to let them sit in the seat with the door closed. Where can I submit requests for an additional line of code in the settings panel. Anyone found a workaround?

Here are few things you can do, suggested by current Chevrolet Volt owners.

First, turn the car off to not hear it. Since it is not a gas engine having to be restarted, it doesn't hurt anything to turn your car back on an it takes but a second to shift to drive and take off without any delays. The downside of this solution is that when you turn off the car, the person whom you want to show the settings int he dash, may not see them as some things can be seen only when the car is on.

Second, make sure that your chime volume is set to normal, not high. Find the Chime Volume in your Volt's setting and there you will see two options: High and Normal. Check the Normal if the High option is checked. Some people, who have tried this, say the door chime volume is still very loud. They suggest for GM to fix this by simply adding an off button or an option to further reduce the volume.

Third, and perhaps the simplest option is to to tape over the button in the door jamb. This may not work in Gen 1 Volts because I don't think they use the standard button to detect when a door is open. Some people have said that you can engage the door catches while the door is open, using a screwdriver and that should stop the door open chime. But in Gen 2 Volts taping should work.

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One can wait for GM to make a software update with a option to lower the door chime volume, but I think it might be faster to use few cents worth of tape for a temporary solution to the problem.

Do you think the chime volume is very loud when you have the door of your Volt open?

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The chime is super loud. I have turned it all the way down (they now have volume) but it's still super loud and wakes up my baby!
Call the Volt team at 866-754-8100. The more who complain, the better our chances of getting them to update the software with more volume control. It is painfully loud to me. Maybe they made it so loud to be heard over booming stereos, but not all of us do that. We need a quieter option.
They said to turn the chime low. I told them I have done this. They said to make an apt with the dealership. So I did. Will update in two weeks.
I just brought my car into the dealership, hoping they could adjust it. They couldn't. In fact, it sounds even louder. Now I have to find that setting again because it probably got reset to factory default. Gah!!! Call that number I posted. Chevy needs to create a software update that has more volume control. That's it.
Hi Holly, I did call the number and told them I'd make an appointment, but still wanted to file an official complaint. Hopefully they made of a note of it.
I have a 2019 full. The chime to indicate that the door is open is extremely loud, even with the volume set to the lower option. So annoying. Can someone please tell me where the actual sensor button is on the door jamb, so it can be taped over? I have looked all over the door and the jamb and cannot find any button. Thank you
I would also like to know were that door Jamb switch button is please....