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3 Practical Updates That Tesla Just Made to Model S, Model X and 3 Vehicles

What do you think about these new 3 updates that Tesla just made to its Model S, Model X and Model 3 cars? How these software updates improve your driving experience? I particularly like the 3rd improvement in this list.

Tesla's new release notes show that the company just made a new firmware update 2018.4.1 making further improvements and and providing more comfort for Model S, Model X and Model 3 owners.

1. Tire Pressure Unit
First Tesla added the ability to choose the tire pressure unit. You can now display your Model S tire pressure in BAR or PSI units. To choose the tire pressure unit, tap CONTROLS > Settings > Units & Format and set TIRE PRESSURE to BAR or PSI, reads Tesla's instruction.

2. Heated Steering Wheel
Now, when you start driving, the steering wheel will automatically warm up if you had it set to Heated Wheel during your most recent drive. It will thus, remember the setting from your previous drive.

"I like the heated steering wheel memory, but I really wish we could just have an icon next to the seat warmer icon to easily toggle it off and on," I heard one Model S owner saying and I agree with him.

3. Improved Easy Entry
Tesla says it has improved Easy Entry so that now when you park, your car's steering wheel and driver's seat adjust for an easy exist after you unbuckle the driver's seat belt.

I like this update. It's very practical. Easy entry on seat belt unbuckle is nice. Some Lexus models have had it for more than a decade. But it's cool how Tesla can update and enable this via an OTA update. This is one of the reasons Tesla will be remembered like the iPhone of the car industry.

What do you think about these updates and which one do you find the most useful? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. Also don't miss Torque News' previous coverage on 7 Huge Updates That Are Coming To Tesla Model S and Model X Soon.

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I have number 3 already. Is this suppose to be a new update?
Mine came with the last update in December I believe.
How about Model S remembering where the media player was in a song and continue there when I come back. This used to work when I got my car. Now it always starts from the beginning. It also doesn't remember if I paused before I left. When I come back it just starts playing. Again, it used to remember.
I have been using the easy entry for weeks now and just shut it off. I feel it's too slow and it's just more moving parts that will break with daily use.
Improved Easy Entry: May seem small to some but big for me. Every time I drop someone off I put the car in "Park. " And I drop my daughter off EVERYWHERE! It was very annoying. This was a common sense but intelligent solution. Love it! I don't have heated steering wheel and TPI, OK whatever.
How do you engage easy entry in the Model S? I have a 2014 Model S and would like to know.