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2022 AMG EQS Review: Single Thing That Made a Female Friend Like This Vehicle

Mercedes-Benz launched its first true electric vehicle in 2022 with the EQS. Now AMG is using it to make its own performance version: the 2022 AMG EQS sedan. This is the review of our week-long test drive of the AMG EQS EV, which tremendously impressed us.

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For a long time, when anyone was asked what the best cars were for cruising the highway at speed, the answer was big German cars: the Mercedes AMG or the BMW M. This is still more or less the case today, except that Tesla has thrown a big stone in the shoe of German automotive industry: the Plaid Model S accelerates more strongly than the most powerful German sedans. A few months ago Mercedes unveiled its large EQS electric sedan. Since the power is delivered instantly, this large electric sedan starts up and goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds to reach a top speed of 155 mph. But now comes the 2022 AMG EQS.

The first 100% electric AMG model, the AMG EQS Sedan (in Europe it's called EQS 53) delivers both performance and very sporty handling combined with zero-emission driving. By the way, Daimler estimates that 100% electric vehicles will represent 50% of its sales by 2025. It also projects that all its products will be able to accommodate an electric thruster from 2030.


After introducing the incredible EQS sedan, Mercedes, in collaboration with AMG now offers a boosted version from the spring. Clearly, this new model created by AMG intends to demonstrate that regardless of the source of energy it consumes, an AMG will remain faithful to its attributes.

It also aims to reassure its followers by showing that the dynamic qualities of a sporty electric vehicle are not limited to violent acceleration or vigorous acceleration. The name reserved for the most generously motorized models in the Mercedes range therefore welcomes for the first time a car without exhausts.

This vehicle is a rocket.

Cut for motorists in a hurry and lovers of driving, the AMG EQS highlights the fiery temperament of its two electric motors. These are powered by a 120 kWh battery (107.8 kWh useful) which, on the surface, does not seem to provide any effort to catapult this sedan to 100 km / h in 3.4 s. A performance obtained by selecting the Race Start mode, which increases the combined power from 658 to 750 hp. Note that such a feat can only be accomplished if the battery is at 80% of its charge.

One front-motor, one rear-motor, total output 484 kW (658 hp), with 752 lb-ft of torque. An optional AMG Dynamic Plus package takes this already impressive power to 560 kW (761 hp), with a torque of 1020 Nm. The basic version accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds (provided you have at least 80% load the battery).

Here I want to take a special moment and acknowledge the honesty of Mercedes. As far as I know it is the only manufacturer to officially recognize that the performance of an electric car decreases according to the level of charge, even if it is true that it is not very noticeable. On a city car, you need a very powerful electric vehicle for it to be felt.

With a battery with a capacity of 107.8 kWh gives you an EPA range of 77 miles per single charge. The WLTP autonomy autonomy is announced 526 and 580 km, but we bet that we can discharge the battery by covering only half of this distance while driving hard.

The EQS is based on a whole new platform dedicated to electrification. In terms of battery, whether you opt for the Benz or the AMG, it is identical with a size at 107.8 kilowatt hours and using lithium-ion technology. It can accept a charging capacity of up to 200 kilowatts in a direct current terminal.

The engines react very strongly as soon as the right foot presses the accelerator pedal. Different drive modes favor this acceleration. When you select the top driving mode your head is literally pressed against the head restraints.

The drive isn't heavy at all. The chassis agree without difficulty with the performance of the car, including the braking, ensured by gigantic colored calipers which are barely revealed through the wheels.

The AMG-EQS does not allow one-pedal driving and therefore requires physically applying the brakes to completely immobilize the car. Equipped with firm steering and a chassis lined with driving aids, this sedan is easy to handle.

Mercedes EQS Sedan vs AMG-EQS

Daimler representative wrote me that as the first all-electric AMG production model, the 2022 AMG EQS Sedan prioritizes performance in all areas. It stands out from the regular EQS Sedan with a number of unique features including:

  • AMG-specific high-performance electric motors, cooling and battery wiring
  • Fully variable AMG Performance 4MATIC+ all-wheel drive
  • AMG RIDE CONTROL+ suspension with adaptive adjustable damping
  • AMG high-performance compound brake system
  • AMG aerodynamically optimized wheels in 21- and 22-inch sizes
  • Five AMG DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes
  • AMG DYNAMIC PLUS package with RACE START that boosts power output to 751 hp / 752 lb-ft
  • AMG SOUND EXPERIENCE that emotionally enhances the dynamic driving experience
  • AMG interior with a number of unique features, most noticeably the AMG Performance Steering Wheel with silver-colored aluminum paddles for setting various recuperation levels, in addition to AMG DRIVE UNIT steering wheel buttons

Unique Exterior Elements of The 2022 AMG EQS Include:

  • Front splitter in high-gloss black with chrome trim and also flics and fins on the air intakes, with AIR CURTAINS on the left and right in high-gloss black with chrome trim
  • AMG side sill panels in high-gloss black
  • Larger rear spoiler to improve driving dynamics: rear lift is reduced without increasing drag

The overall design of the EQS comes from the Vision concept, which Mercedes unveiled in 2019. From then on, we knew what direction Mercedes-Benz was going to take with its large electric sedan.

I like the front part where the black grille is integrated into the optical units. The bumper is seen vitalized by the stylists of AMG. As with the regular EQS 580 version, there are active flaps to improve aerodynamics and airflow.

2022 AMG EQS Review side view

In profile, we see the opportunity seized to reinvent the traditional configuration of a sedan. Like Lucid, the passenger compartment stretches as much forwards as backwards to free up the interior space as much as possible. With this AMG, we get 21 or 22 inch rims. At the rear, the transverse single light sets the tone for all other EQ products to come. The internal configuration of the light is spectacular with its LED spiral. The build quality is impeccable.

2022 AMG EQS Interior

Unlike the regular EQS which gets the optional "hyperscreen" digital media system, it's standard in the AMG EQS. What is the “hyperscreen”? An imposing 1.4 meter (56 inch) wide translucent applique that covers the entire dashboard of the car. It incorporates a screen for the instrumentation (12.3 inches), another for the multimedia and control systems (17.7 inches) as well as a third in front of the passenger (12.3 inches). The whole thing is surrounded by ambient OLED light for an eye-popping effect.

There are no physical buttons on board the EQS, everything goes through the screen or voice commands. Even if the name "hyperscreen" wants to impress, it is essentially the MBUX system that we know well. Its ergonomics are flawless and very user-friendly. AMG offers its own graphics both in the instrumentation and in the performance dynamics and vehicle performance display panels.

2022 AMG EQS Review front interior

The EQS by AMG has its own seats and offers a more curved version still optional. They do everything by heating, air conditioning, massaging, and it is possible to manage the various postures. We quickly find our well-being, and the releases are not lacking. Thanks to the silence of the ride, one can fully appreciate the sound quality of the Burmester surround sound system with its 15 speakers totaling 710 watts.

2022 AMG EQS Review trunk

In the rear, depending on the length of the wheelbase (3,210 millimetres), legroom is impressive. The roofline may feel a little compromising for tall people when it comes to headroom. So, please check it yourself. Comfort in the rear is just as princely as in the front. The trunk is opened by a tailgate which gives access to a volume of more than 600 litres.

An Important Note For Women and AMG Sedan

As I have been test-driving the 2022 AMG EQS for this review, many people in my community are impressed with the beauty and the performance of this vehicle. But one female friend told me something that was a "wow" moment for me. This is why I made it as part of the title for this AMG EQS review: the special compartment on the right side of the driver, where women can leave their bags or purses. She was so happy to see that special purse or suitcase compartment. She said, please mention this because many cars have no place to leave your purse. She said when can't leave their bags or purses on the back seat since it's a hazard to grab something from there when your car is standing under a red light (you shouldn't distract anyway), and you can't leave a bag or purse on the front passenger seat if you have a passenger driving with you. So, according to her, most women put their bags under the feet of the front passenger.

2022 AMG EQS Review handbag compartment

But now, Mercedes EQS Sedan (and the AMG EQS) having this special compartment, is a really welcome news for many women and men.

2022 AMG EQS Review rear seating

The 2022 AMG EQS is a very beautiful vehicle. But when the $159,480 MSRP price tag, it's aimed for the wealthiest. Also keep in mind that this is the first model year and there are always risks with the first model year vehicles. However, this EQS is indeed an AMG for those who stick to impressive performance and dynamism given the size. Intended for a wealthy clientele, the AMG EQS still deserves some attention. First, it gives a taste of the trendy Mercedes of tomorrow. Then, it reminds us that all-electric does not kill driving pleasure. And finally, that the technologies that make it up will inevitably end up on more financially accessible models.

2022 AMG EQS Review rear exterior

Like I said, in Europe this vehicle is called EQS AMG 53. The strongest thing now is that AMG 53 is only the first of the electric AMGs. An AMG 63 version is already in development, and a 73 version would not be impossible in the medium term.

Armen Hareyan is the founder and the Editor in Chief of Torque News. He founded in 2010, which since then has been publishing expert news and analysis about the automotive industry. He can be reached at Torque News Twitter, Facebok, Linkedin and Youtube.

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David Jarvis (not verified)    February 20, 2023 - 4:50PM

With a battery with a capacity of 107.8 kWh gives you an EPA range of 77 miles per single charge. The WLTP autonomy autonomy is announced 526 and 580 km, but we bet that we can discharge the battery by covering only half of this distance while driving hard.

This paragraph makes no sense. 77 miles???????