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2017 Chevy Volt vs Tesla Model 3: Why Would Anyone Buy 2017 Volt

Not much has changed in the 2017 Chevy Volt model from the 2016 version, but it has advantages vs the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

When you look at how little has changed from the 2016 to 2017 Chevy Volt and how promising the Tesla Model 3 is, one may ask why would anyone buy 2017 Volt and not ‪‎Tesla‬ Model 3. While Chevy Bolt is more promising vs Tesla Model 3, the 2017 Volt has it's own advantages.

Chevy Volt is a great car for slightly different purposes and needs than Tesla Model 3.

First of all, it can Act as a pure electric car for most people, most of the time. With this, it can run also 400+ miles. After that the Volt can be completely refilled in minutes.

Tesla Model 3 Pros
The opponents of Chevy Volt, say that Tesla Model 3 ownership empowers will empower them to envision similar and maybe better interior in Model 3 than the current Model S. They also expect top notch engine performance. They expect Model 3 to be a very good car. The prototype looks very promising and the production model shouldn't change much. 400.000 did not experience it yet and still made an order to purchase the Model 3. I wonder how many will order after the Model 3's second unveil.

2017 Chevy Volt Pros
Volt proponents also say that the car is available now. In fact, apparently the demand for the 2016-2017 Chevy Volt has increased significantly. People want to lease, so they don't have to buy it and take the risk of inevitable depreciation of current cars (when you lease you pay for depreciation upfront). Many people apparently do this as they wait for their Tesla Model 3 to be delivered in a year or two.

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Also, supercharging is an issue for many people. If you live in rural area and don't have superchargers nearby, Chevy Volt is your car to use. For most people it can be electric 90% of the time.

Since supercharging is not everywhere, the Volt has its place right now. At the end of the day, a car is a personal choice. Comparing the 2017 Chevy Volt vs Tesla Model 3 may work for someone and may not work for the others. A lot depends on your geographical location and unique driving habits.

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Exterior styling on the new Volt...even compared to the old Volt let alone the M3 ... is really bad. Still...nothing beats the energy output of gasoline so if mated to an all electric drive train that makes the Volt a unique niche product. The Bolt is better than the Nissan Leaf visually...but still vaporware. Nissan sales have been really, really bad. That company has a lot of work ahead of it.
The Bolt isn't vaporware. The model 3 is vaporware, but Bolts are currently running off the production line (yes they are pre-retail test production units, but the line exists and is just being readied for retail production. That isn't vaporware, that is a product that is in the final stages of full production launch.
Vaporware would imply the product does not exist and has not been produced in any fashion, no? Therefore, M3 and Bolt are not vaporware as one is just further along in the process but they both have fully functioning vehicles. BTW Bolt looks ugly in comparison, to each his own I guess.
Bolt vaporware? Haha...tell that to the engineers driving around Detroit in captured test fleet, production Bolts. I just saw one on my morning commute last week.
I don't think it would be possible for your article to have less information in it even if you tried. Did you intentionally design click bait? Took delivery of my 2017 Volt 2 weeks ago, and it's an amazing car. Already driven 1000 miles and still have 5 gallons of original dealership gas in the tank. To the commenter that says Bolt is vaporware: you do realize production models have been testing on the road, and they should be in the hands of consumers in *less than* 6 months. Do you even know what vaporware means?
I own a 2013 Volt at it has been a fantastic car. I drive on electricity 75% of the time, but I can also use the car to go anywhere I want to on gas alone. Brilliant! No range anxiety, high reliability, high safety, low maintenance, and legions of satisfied owners are just some of the reasons to choose a Volt. The Tesla S is a rich man's dream for most drivers and the 3 is vaporware so far. I do hope Musk succeeds, but the company is on shaky financial grounds, even with the infusion of refundable deposits on the 3. Consider this: The reliability of the S is only "average," so how good will a decontented 3 be for 1/4 the price? And the upcoming Bolt might just have the right stuff to make you reconsider waiting for your 3 in 2020 and beyond. The Germans are also breathing down Musk's neck. How far away is a very good 200 mile VW EV? Panache only goes so far.
You need to compare the 2019 Volt with the Model 3, since the Volt will have improved by the time the Model 3 ships in significant volume. The Volt will be much more affordable in the US with attractive lease rates that Tesla won't offer. The Volt is a hatchback. The Volt has proven reliable. The Volt has 5-minute fast refueling capability at 100,000 fast fueling stations. The Volt easily allows most people to drive more than 80% emission free, with none of the compromises of a pure BEV.
Picked up a 2016 Volt last January. Love the car. We shopped on line and found a dealer that had what we wanted. Drove there and bought the car for several thousand less than retail...Don't expect that to happen in 2020 when your model 3 is ready to be picked up. Being the former owner of a 2011 Leaf I am not interested in being a beta tester for a multi-billion dollar corp. again I'll stay with this Volt for a while and then see how the Bolt looks in 5 years.
Tesla has the worst quality control in the industry. Just wait until average consumers take ownership of these vehicles. They wont be as forgiving as the current owners who are rabid fanbois.
I don't know that Tesla has the worst, but it certainly isn't in the top 10. I also wouldn't expect a startup company to be in the top 10 either. Maintaining a high degree of quality control in something a complex as a vehicle takes decades to master. They've done remarkably well given where they started, but it will take them a few years yet before they have a shot at the top 10.
Tesla is toast. They can't get the model 3 to production and are losing trust with the US customer. China and elsewhere are their priority, Volt has won. IMHO, I'm only saying this after extensive research and investing in a Volt and today requesting a refund from Tesla. Too big to fail, or too new and bubbly to tell? Which would you invest in? Tesla got the pressure on the big makers, Volvo will be all electric in 3 years, and GM has 2 and 6 more on the way very near term, and Tesla is losing it's chance real fast.