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2013 Model S Owners Getting This Letter from Tesla About Takata Airbag

"We just got this email. Takata air bag recall makes its way to Tesla MS 2012-13," wrote one Tesla Model S owner on Facebook sharing the picture of this letter from Tesla.


It looks like Tesla is joining the Takata recall, voluntarily taking actions in 2013 Model S vehicles although there hasn't been any airbag ruptures.

Tesla says it will replace the Takata airbags in certain 2013 Model S vehicles.

Here is what the letter from Tesla partially reads.

"As part of the industry-wide recall of Takata airbag inflators, the passenger airbags in certain 2013 Model S vehicles are now affected by the recall, and Tesla will be replacing them. The safety of our customers is paramount and we are taking this action even though there have been no airbag ruptures or other related incidents in any Tesla Vehicles."

If you own a 2013 Model S vehicle, Tesla says in that letter that it will contact you to schedule your replacement service. At this time, there is no immediate action that you need to take.

Have you received a letter from Tesla like this?