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This 1967 Camaro RS/SS was Actually Featured in a Camaro Commercial

My name is Kris, from Portland, Oregon, and I am here sharing the story of my 1967 Chevy Camaro RS/SS, which was actually featured in a Camaro ad in Mexico two years ago (video).


It has a .030 350 with a Th350 trans. I have owned the car for 10 years.

I did a restoration approx 5 years ago. Tore the car completely apart and started from the ground up. All the work was done by myself, except the body and paint. I had my friend take care of that.

When I purchased the this 1967 Camaro, it did not run. The color was dark blue over a light blue, over the original red paint. It took approximately two years to complete the restoration and I love all the attention it gets.

Two years ago it was featured in a Camaro commercial that can be seen here.

The commercial was only shown in Mexico, but it still was an honor that GM chose my car. This commercial was done before I added the front nose stripe.

There were two Chevy Camaros used: one in Mexico and mine here in Oregon. We shot over two days in the Columbia river gorge. I have to thank Rick Fritz who was the president of the Columbia River Camaro Club at the time for getting this Camaro in the commercial.

I built the car to drive so it sees a lot of road time in the summer. Future plans include a 383 stroker and an overdrive. While this car was built to drive, I am proud of the trophies it has won since the restoration.

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