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Why Other Carmakers Aren't Catching Up With Tesla


Ian King at The Banyan Hill is discussing four very interesting why no automaker is able to catch Tesla in the electric vehicle segment. Elon Musk is readying to reveal the new Tesla Battery. Elon designed and built Tesla's FSD software. These advantages among other things will keep Tesla at a leadership position in the EV market.

The electric vehicle segment is pointing to the future of the automotive industry and Tesla has an undisputed lead in producing electric vehicles. Tesla is the market leader here and Ian King explains why no one is able to catch Tesla.

At least in the near future, Tesla will probably dominate the electric vehicle market, and here is how Ian explains that EV leadership by Tesla.

While we might hear of traditional automotive companies launching new EV platforms, there are four key reasons Tesla is still best positioned to dominate this space.

Here are Tesla's advantages compared to other automotive manufacturers when it comes to making electric vehicles.

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