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Tesla's 4 New Upcoming Gigafactories


Tesla has four potential future facilities, ranging from under construction to more vague rumors. Giga Berling is under construction. Cybertruck Gigafactory is close to starting construction either in Austin or Tulsa. A second Gigafactory in Asia is already announced by Tesla CEO Elon Musk and the Giga UK is a vague rumor with substantial reports.

Tesla is building more factories all over the world for two reasons.

The first is to simplify the production process: Musk explained in February 2020 that a factory on each continent would mean cars could reach consumers faster, cars would have less distance to travel, and each facility could focus on meeting legal criteria for fewer territories.

The second reason Tesla is building Gigafactories around the world is it increases production, reaching closer to "terawatt-hour" battery production levels that Musk said in July 2019 will "really make a fundamental shift in the world’s energy usage."

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