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Tesla Shows an Incredible Video of Giga Berlin's Entire Production

Tesla Shows an Incredible Video of Giga Berlin's Entire Production


Today our friend Jurgen shared another incredible video about Giga Berlin's production, which is actually from Tesla itself.

Look how nice the production process is inside Giga Berlin.

The start of Giga Berlin's production is a big win for Tesla and Germany. Thousands of german workers are going to have a great job at a world leading company. If things go well, Tesla will expand the supporting buildings and employ even more workers. This is just the start!

It’s good to see Giga Berlin up and running at last. Many hurdles yet to come but that is always the case. Big factories like this are amazingly complex and there is a crisis happing every day. But Tesla will find a way through like always.

The 30 "Model Y" delivered on Tuesday had more symbolic value. In order to be able to attack the European electric car market properly, Tesla must start mass production at the Grünheide plant as quickly as possible. As early as October last year, Elon Musk described this as a real challenge. "Starting production isn't that important. Mass production is the hard part. It's an awful lot of work and we need a lot of talented, hard-working people to pull it off. It's super difficult. I can't stress that enough," he explained Musk back then.

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